1. The people that were really responsible for saving this young man don't want the credit, because they're not looking to be recognized, they just did what they knew was right which fell in line with doing their job. To suggest that this officer is going to be rewarded for this incident is a travesty. He did absolutely nothing at the scene and was so lackadaisical in his approach that other members and on lookers mentioned contacting the police department to report his conduct or lack thereof. If you're going to put this person's picture on the front page of your paper, write a story about how he is another one of countless "public servants" taking undeserved credit for the actions and hard work of others. This is the definition of irresponsible reporting. The piece should be recognizing a nurse (a real hero) and a young man making an hourly wage going above and beyond to save another person as a police officer and paramedic watched. Shame.
    November 05, 2012 2:27 pm on New Chicago officer saves life of Hammond man at gym
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