1. It is very upsetting that people are more worried about the price of gas on thier pocketbook. How about the cost of everything for the families of the injured workers? Injuries don't just affect the injured, it affects thier entire family. Sometimes it can affect them for the rest of thier lives! For the record, the oil refineries only make about $0.02-$0.05 a gallon profit. The rest of the costs on a gallon of gasoline is from taxes, the profit for the gas stations, and transportation to get it there. As far as maintenance, refineries are required, by law, to perform routine maintenance on the units in the refineries. Now there are ways the can push back the maintenance projects, but they really don't care to do that. Now, the comment on "contract" workers, in order to even work at BP as a contract worker you must take a drug test. Workers are subjected to randem drug and alcohol tests, they can also be taken in for a drug and alcohol test for resonable suspicion. As far as skilled trades, over 80% of the "contract" workers are all union members. So, before anyone comments for thier own selfish reasons, get that facts before you comment. In the words of the great Mark Levin, 'Get off the internet you big dummy!'

    I do feel bad for the contract workers for being injured last night and I hope for a speedy recovery for them and thier families. God Speed.
    August 15, 2012 3:20 pm on Three injured in BP Whiting Refinery flash fire
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