1. As a public sector employee, I get tired of everyone comparing their private sector benefits to ours. The benefits are part of the employment package to attract quality workers since the pay, and for some, the political turnstile work environment are poor. I would gladly pay the same insurance premiums and deductibles as my private sector equals if I also could recieve the same pay as those peers. By the way, that pay would be taxpayer "subsidized" too. The reason that many munincipalities are self insured is because the cost to have a private sector company provide the same benefits woul be even greater. That service cost would also be taxpayer "subsidized". I am not condoning or endorsing the public defender's insurance, but even you said thye get paid little for the service. So something has to be offered fairly for the service they provide. Sure, cut their insurance since they have a private practice, but then we also have to pay the going rate for legal services provided to the county. You arguement that they have a private practice applies to any company that does and service or sells anything to a public entity. You just solved the RBA problem. All those companies should provide free buses and fuel to the RBA since the have private practices as well. Oh, and we can contract out maintenance and the drivers as well since those companies will have private practices. And healthcare, we can contract that out since the insurance company has a private practice as well. BRILLIANT!!!
    May 28, 2012 9:45 am on MARK KIESLING: County insurance plans need an overhaul
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