1. Big Head, I work at the mill. How many dozens of examples do I need about my co-workers sleeping every single day, or hiding in the work truck at the west end of the plant for HOURS, or getting paid 1 1/2 to cook hotdogs on a homemade grill all night long???? And no, these are not isolated events. There are dozens, if not hundreds doing this every day.

    I am sick of watching all my lazy coworkers do nothing, while I bust my butt doing their work. So yeah, if the concessions come, we surely have no right to complain after getting paid 4 years to watch hundreds of people make $60k/year doing nothing.
    September 05, 2012 8:06 pm on Union members continue to press ArcelorMittal for 'fair contract'
  2. Commodore, you are blowing your mouth off. Sparkymarkle is right. I worked over at East Harbor for years, and there isn't the slightly REMOTE possbility that they are making any money. The legacy costs are astronomical, and the amount of wasted labor costs would cause any business owner to puke.

    Concessions must and will come. Of course I am not happy about it, but I still will be paid more then I probably deserve. As will my sleeping co-workers....and they know who they are.

    So blow up someone else's as@ commodore.
    September 05, 2012 7:53 pm on Union members continue to press ArcelorMittal for 'fair contract'
  3. I am a union member, and even I can say that the USW is completely taking advantage the economic prosperity we enjoyed a decade ago. The fact is that even laborers are making $24 and $25/hr, not including 16 to 24 hours of overtime EVERY PAY PERIOD paid at close to $40/hr with differential!!!

    That is ridiculous, and many members are not shy is saying they do absolutely nothing. Many sleep in shanties made up to conceal their naps from supervision. Yeah, there are some hardworkers at the mill, but also 100s of examples of people making $70 or $80k a year doing virtually nothing. I am not making this up because I am part of it.

    Do I want my benefits cut? Of course not. But do I know I am overpaid and cuts need to happen? YES. I didn't complain 4 years ago with the $6k sign bonus that I didn't deserve, so I can't complain now when the company wants to hold back on more ridiclous requests the union has.

    I am incredibly thankful for the $24/hr I make, which I know is WAAAAAAAY more then most non union people make doing the same work. Let the greed go people, and let the company do what they need to do to stay competitive. My fellow union brothers all know what is going on at the mill. $24/hr to sleep is not a bad deal. Let's stop the BS about how we need more.
    August 30, 2012 1:31 pm on Clock ticking as USW negotiations near end
  4. Just tired of the unions holding so much power. As a union member myself, I can absolutely confirm that many MANY MANY workers at Mittal will 'work' for 60+ hours a week, and literally have little 'bunkers' or areas they use to sleep and hide from management. Making $37/hour during overtime hours to simply sleep, and maybe do a few minutes of menial work a night. This is the truth and I have upwards of 15-20 friends who can confirm they do the same thing.

    Yeah, I am a union member, and do not complain about the benefits I earn. However, I know for a fact that I do less work and get paid more then non-agreement forces. If I got my compensation cut, I would be disappointed, but in NO WAY could I complain.

    Mittal must cut costs and the ridiculous amount of 'fake' labor its employees collect clearly needs to be addressed. Instead of b#tching and moaning, my union brothers need to realize how much they have been overpaid the past several years. The compensation has to come down to reasonable levels to meet the economic times we live in.

    I am disappointed to hear union people scream about how they deserve the wages they get. I know EXACTLY how little work many of us do for our company. I almost feel guilty getting paid what I do for the amount of work I do..........when so many others work their as$es off for so much less money.

    Let the chips fall where they must. Its about time.
    August 18, 2012 6:01 pm on Tenor of negotiations differ in US Steel, Mittal contracts
  5. You are missing the point. Would you tell your child its ok to play ball in the street? Or to take candy from a stranger? Or its ok to get into someone's car that you don't know? OF COURSE NOT. If you did tell your child those things, you would have your children taken away from you.

    Of course, we as parents, cannot stop our children from doing all the stuff they will do as teenagers. But it is our job and duty, to do the best we can to steer them right, give them good guidance, and keep them out of harms way. That is what is so sad here. The child was told its ok to walk on the tracks if she only wears 1 earphone. I shake my head every time I even write that!!!

    I am so saddened by this event, and it tears me apart that it could have been prevented simply by a parent doing his/her job. Deepest sympathies to everyone involved, and I truly hope this never happens again.
    May 25, 2012 2:39 am on Hanover Central student killed by train
  6. The promise that ANY parent would make is forcing the child to STOP WALKING ON RAILROAD TRACKS. That's it. I don't know one non-crazy person who would ever tell their child its ok to walk on railroad tracks if they wear 1 earphone only. I am worried that there are other children involved getting the same irresponsbile advice.

    I truly don't care what you think because I know every parent is thinking the same think I am writing.
    May 25, 2012 2:27 am on Hanover Central student killed by train
  7. @ angry bird, I didn't wish any "Bad" karma. Where did you see that? God has a funny way of repaying people for their deeds. I said karma. It was you who interpreted it as 'bad' because you must thing what Mantis said was bad.

    You just showed your cards.

    And yeah, don't be naive, anybody who is on this page who is NOT speaking about Kevin, is here to stir up emotions or cause trouble. Nobody with any class would be hear posting about helmets or the motorcycle lifestyle when someone is suffering in a hospital. This is not the place or time for deuchebags to make political points, and since Kevin can't defend himself from a$$sholes, I have to do it for him.
    May 23, 2012 12:31 pm on Dyer man airlifted to trauma center following motorcycle crash
  8. Hey idiot, did you know that 89% of all traffic accident deaths are from people WEARING seatbelts???? And that over 75% of accidents are caused by people not texting and driving? The helmet is not the issue here at all. People constantly die from accidents while wearing a helmet, and people die while wearing seatbelts.

    Who gives a f#ck whether he used a helmet or wore gloves or was wearing a blue t shirt, or whatever. The point is that he is hurt bad, his family is suffering, and he needs our prayers.

    I would hope you would want some compassion when one of your relatives is laying in a hospital dying, and not have a$$holes like you posting about how your relative deserved it or 'was asking for it." I would love to stand over your dying relative and do the same to you.
    May 23, 2012 12:24 pm on Dyer man airlifted to trauma center following motorcycle crash
  9. @ The Mantis, what does that mean??? I doesn't matter a flipping bit about what he was wearing that night. A helmet or no helmet, massive injury would have occured hitting your head at that speed. I have several friends who died in motorcycle crashes who were wearing helmets. Shame on you for being such a disrespectful prick.

    Karma has a funny way of paying people back.........I sure hope it finds you or someone in your family soon.
    May 22, 2012 10:42 am on Dyer man airlifted to trauma center following motorcycle crash
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