1. I am fine with the pre-school program but really another tax credit (Social Program). Do you really think the credit people receive would go towards helping their day care? Unfortunately I have seen way to many times what low to income families do with all the assistance they receive, in that aspect I feel really bad fo rthe children.
    July 19, 2012 12:16 pm on Gregg seeks prekindergarten classes, child care tax credit
  2. As usual when a discussion occurs about fiscal responsiblity of the government the line between State Government and the Federal Government gets blurred. The majority of the topics of each comments are issues that are revelent to the Federal Government not the state for example S.S., Medicare, Obamacare, the national debt, these are all items have nothing to do with how Daniels took care of the state. What you did not read over his term was the constant blade he took to EVERY agency in the State forcing 10%-20% operating cuts every 4-6 months until it fell below what the revenue forecasts were. It is not his fault the Feds mandated unfunded regulations that Indiana had to bare the brunt of to keep its fiscal house in order. As far as Cline Ave bridge goes I do not think he was involved in buidling it in the first place so that topic should have not been even remotely placed in this conversation.
    In a time when the Feds were out making poor fiscal decisions that have left the country in a whole in a dire position, like it or not, of the ways and means Daniels got here, he has put Indiana in a better position than most states to go into the future as long as the next Governor does not revert to the ways of the past.
    And to expand on what Hammond 12 has stated it is not only our young people that are not properly-educated or self-disciplined to take care of themselves instead of asking for government assistance or government regulation of something. Each time you ask for something like that what does it require? DOLLARS? And if you ask anyone who thinks the government should write a law on something, ask them if they are willing to fund that law, there answer 9 times out of 10 NO, apparently people think enforcement is free.
    Our greatest generation had it right... You took care of your house and responsiblity works from the bottom up, not the other way around. We all need to get back to that!
    July 19, 2012 12:03 pm on ANDREA NEAL: Daniels giving next governor a fiscal head start
  3. In the majority of pro-union worker comments everywhere, we always hear what good the unions have done for workers 30-40 YEARS AGO! And of course in that day in age they are correct the unions saved many of workers from certain death of working in the mills. I come from a long line of mill workers and can remember the days when my grandfather worked in the old foundary at Gary Works (which is no longer in operation). But when he and my parents were there they did not have the safety regulations in place like they do today.

    These regulations were not placed in the mills by the corporations. They forced in placed by the federal government who decided they wanted to be the BIG UNION and created OSHA, the EPA, and the ever expanding labor laws that give non-union workers their OWN ability to protect themselves as workers. By doing this it has taken the shear strength of leverage the unionized world had and destroyed it .

    Most people that are against unions believe that no one is necessary in this day and age to fight for their rights as a worker even in at-will states the worker still has rights and can do it themselves and if they lose they will go elsewhere but will do it themselves.

    Yes the mill is still one of the toughest and most dangerous places on the face of the earth to work. No one should ever argue that. But many feel if it still that tough and dangerous then the union is failing to protect its workers as it did 30-40 years ago. If your being FORCED into 16 hour shifts and do not like it, why has the union not done anything about it? But still collect your dues.

    This is a different day and the mills in NWI are not as efficient as some around the world and what they were years ago. And this is not necessarily due to the workers. You still ahve some people who benefit from the union saving them for their poor performance but overall you have good workers in place.

    People also need to be mindful of the fact that the majority of union and "company men" in the mills are workers with 30+ years in. There wages alone throw the wage scale of the company much higher when you look at the new hirees that come in for very little and no benefits. And then of course you have to take in account the large amounts of outside contractors that now work in these mills as compared to the past.

    My entire point to this is this is not the steel community that exist 3 for 4 decades ago and corporate greed is not the reason for the failed leverage of the unions it was the government. Union backers need to start getting some laws changed if they do not want organized labor to be left in the dust. Big Brother would like to do it for you!
    June 06, 2012 10:24 am on War of words under way between USW, ArcelorMittal
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