1. David killed a man on his way to work plain and simple!!! David made a choice to drink and drive and if he had a medical condition he still made a choice. Still after making that choice david left the accident in which he killed a man and ran yet another choice he made. So if you want to bring children into it david made the choice to hurt his family and paul's family. I knew Paul and he touched hundreds of lives everyday and made choices also and his choice was to get up as he did everyday to go to work and support his family mentor his co workers and give people what they wanted with his knowledge. So one man made a choice that took away a man's life. David should sit in jail for the rest of his life and hide in a jail cell like his was hiding in a basement from his choices. Be a man david and face your choices and look your children in their eyes and tell them what you did. Because Paul's family friends and co workers cant see him anymore
    March 19, 2013 3:31 pm on C.P. man killed in fiery wreck
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