1. Okay, So Shawn isnt perfect. He has his flaws just like everyone else does. I've also known Shawn for a long, as well. If YOU guys really new him, then you would know, He's the type of Man that would give the shirt off his back for you, give you his last dime, help people in need all of the time without hesitation. Yes, too bad he couldnt help himself! But, like ive said, when i first heard this horrific news..There's "ALWAYS" 2 sides to every story! Lets Just think as a detective now or just think about it... Now from My point of view & some others.. Dont you find it a little odd that David Ruzich had an apartment built in a basement of the funeral? Don't you find it odd that just for "No Reason" Shawn had an out rage & did this. Im not saying he's right.. Only God could Judge Him, because we were not there that Night nor morning. Also, on another note, Isnt it odd that the Ruzich Family didnt press Murder Charges against him?! Come on! It's not because they just wanted to get this over with ( in my opinion) They knew the blame wasnt all Shawn. David was The type of guy that had 1 too many secrets, dark secrets. The way the stabbing was, was pretty accurate that Shawn was only defending himself! Stab wounds on David on the upper back, shoulders, and face.. Seems like there was an altercation because, if he really wanted to Murder somebody just for the F of it, he wouldve done it long time ago.. Shawn was to kind, & trustful towards strangers. Shawn was 30 ready to start a life. No reason for him to do this unless provoked & protecting himself. He has always been a Beautiful & an Amazing Man with a heart of Gold.. He wouldnt do this for kicks! Obviously, Something doesnt add up. He was just a Loving Man that Trusted too mny people & had a drinking problem. I've seen both sides of him & He was still a Wonderful Man.. Dont be so quick to Judge, because one day you never know whats going to happen to you all & how you'd react in a messed up predicment like that...Hope it doesnt happen...Blessings & Angels to the families.
    March 26, 2013 8:03 pm on Guilty plea offered in fatal stabbing of Whiting funeral home director
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