1. Parents of the year!!! NOT!!! What loser puts their baby in scalding water and ignores the fact that precious baby had to be screaming in pain from being burned? These people have no soul. I'd like them to be taken out back and shot point blank, this scum doesn't deserve to be alive. There are water thermometers out there to keep this from happening. All real parents can just feel the water as they fill up the tub and know if it is too hot or cold for their baby. Still waiting for that God person to tell us why he would allow losers to be able to pop out kids like a pez dispenser,yet cause infertility in very loving, caring couples? People, if you do not want kids, then keep your legs closed and men keep your zippers up if you don't want the responsibility. What people do not realize is you are bringing kids into this world who affected by our every action. These kids are living breathing, awesome humans who deserve only the best chance at life and not to be abused, neglected, molested, etc.
    December 18, 2012 9:04 pm on Munster man gets four years for causing baby son's burns
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