1. Oh and by the way the other officer's name is Robert Woodworth...he is the Town I said get your facts straight before you write an entire article about something you didn't witness
    November 15, 2012 7:22 pm on Illinois man fought the law in Lake County — and won
  2. so first of all this reporter was not in the courtroom that day so the only story he got was the one that this Ray guy sent in. What about the police's side of the story. If he was pulled over at 10:00 at night how did they know he was black? And if you are driving down 41 there are pleny of places to pull over. And what if the guy had a weapon? He could have shot and killed either of them. I know none of you really care but I am related to Officer Knight and he is definitly a good guy who loves being a cop Which by the way He was a Reserve Officer which means He DID NOT recieve a paycheck for going in to work for the town. So he was in the town of Schneider looking out for people FOR FREE!!! Think about that. I bet 99% of you would never consider doing that for your job. There is definitly more to this story...and seriously just because you are black does not mean every white person around you is racist.
    November 15, 2012 7:13 pm on Illinois man fought the law in Lake County — and won
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