1. If these students were sending these texts on school property, it's one thing. But if it was after hours, the school has NO right to be involved. I went to CP and I know full well, any administrator would go as far as they could to nose through our phones. Even if they were in the locker and turned off.
    I don't believe the school has any right to suspend these kids. They need the valuable learning time allotted to them by the Munster School Corp. They shouldn't be kicked out. The police shouldn't be involved, nor the school's atty. Phenomenal way to spend our tax dollars. The school guidance counselor should be involved, along side with parents. I would suggest having these kids take an after hours class on boundaries, rather than giving them a week vacation where they're going to continue to sext. These are high school kids here, not 6th graders.
    February 11, 2013 2:42 pm on Munster High students to be suspended for sexting
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