1. Wow, it is sad to read some of the comments written about the families. It is completely unnecessary. I am a long-time resident of St. John and feel the need to comment. The Town Council and various committees are our representatives. In 2009, this ordinance became official among other ones. Today, there are several of the same individuals on The Town Council and committees that approved this ordinance; therefore, they have insight/experience of why it became an ordinance. Maybe, this ordinance needs to be readdressed...

    I would not be affected by approval nor disapproval of the variance. The Town Council and committees are required to follow their policies and procedures. (If not, vote them out in the next election.) When a homeowner is in need of requesting ANY TYPE of residential variance, I would believe that there are written procedures or policies by the Town or State to be followed. I would hope among those policies that the requirement of 100% of adjacent property owners must be in agreement for approval of the residential variance. If not, the Town should amend the variance approval to state this requirement. It's not what others on the other side of town or street that it mainly effects. It is the direct adjacent neighbors. Again, this if for any type of variance!
    July 26, 2012 1:12 pm on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
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