1. Rob you really are setting yourself up for legal action. Seriously, a domestic dispute. Totally slanderous lie! This family has just moved in and either way have NEVER been a part of any domestic dispute anywhere the have lived again you speak constantly without any facts and now you are simply spewing lies. You can't just make up things about people to suit your own needs. The council already made sure of NO LIGHTS, there are NO drainage issues and NO easement issues. You people really don't have a clue and now it is crystal clear this is a personal issue. You have crossed a line for sure and should be ashamed of yourself, if you are writing at someone else's request then they should be ashamed. Good God, think of the kids that may be reading this. Here is a true opinion statement and not a slanderous lie....Rob M= Jackass
    July 26, 2012 11:52 am on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
  2. Sports guy, Let's be honest and take a look at who started the "NEGATIVITY" in the posts. Do those of you with the negative posts about the Atkins family, you must clearly not know them at all. If you did you would know the "local legend" does not consider himself that at all...He is an amazing and loyal friend who I know from personal experience stands up for his friends AND for what is right. I do not take kindly to anyone speaking in a negative way about him or his family. They are a great family and certainly do not think they are ABOVE anyone else. Quite frankly, the ordinance is regarding "SPORTS COURTS" specifically not to a pad with a hoop in a yard so even though they did indeed do their homework prior to, 1 neighbor went to the town to have it red flagged as a "sports court" which, again, it is certainly not. Talk about doing their homework, maybe you people making the comments should do yours. And by the way, everyone person speaking in their defense at the last meeting DID indeed like in Lake Hills except for 1 old neighbor, an LC coach & their builder and Real Estate Agent who testified about their own courts or about how classy and meticulous the family is with their home and yard. Just FYI
    July 25, 2012 4:51 pm on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
  3. Wow Sport's Guy, it is not at all obvious that you have a personal vendetta against the "local legend"....perhaps you never became the "sport's guy" that he did huh? Well, time to grow up and move on. Looks like he did. And again, you make remarks with no facts at all....Per the actual meeting, no one plays at all hours as no one has been allowed to play at all. I doubt with no lights allowed and an already long existing noise ordinance in place anyone will be playing "all hours of the night" You continue to make yourself sound ridiculous with your sarcastic personal comments and your complete lack of correct information. Maybe think about seeking some therapy for your jealousy issues. Perhaps if someone had fought for a hoop in your yard as a child you could have become a "local legend" as well.
    July 25, 2012 3:10 am on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
  4. In response to pieway, I understand your point and the answer to that would be no.....that is the point, not everyone has a lot big enough or no drainage issues or easement issues etc. This particular family has covered ALL pertinent bases. They would never have bought their home there if they knew this was a new ordinance. The crazy thing is that Lake Hills Home owners association has already approved it!!! There are so many seriously huge actual "Sports Courts" all over Saint John some with huge lights, full 2 hoop courts etc, so this is so wrong. Some are huge sand volleyball courts and some are actual eye sores....literally. This is ONE hoop on a pad because their driveway doe not permit safe play due to a slope. Even if the kids could still shoot with the slope, the safety issues are ridiculous and just the worry or injury to a true athletes ankles is a worry as well. It really is so disheartening that a town that is supposed to be working "for" the people of the town is doing the exact opposite. This family had resided in Saint John in a different subdivision (with many courts) for over 15 years, left for just over a year and missed the town and it's community so they moved back....wonder if they are wishing now that they stayed away!
    July 24, 2012 12:04 pm on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
  5. I hope this is a joke.....the town is really wasting time and money on something this petty? As a citizen and taxpayer of Saint John I sure have no desire for my hard earned dollars to go towards fighting the law suit that this family clearly has against the town after this! Especially when the council members were overheard making snide comments about the family "probably putting salt in their son's eyes" when he was seen tearing up after the first board meeting. I also find it funny that they even have the nerve to keep having families come to have issues voted on and yet the supposed responsible decision making board members cannot even bother to show up to vote. Would have been nice to know it was a no win situation either way BEFORE gathering 30 neighbors with 50 minutes of testimony I am sure. Also, does anyone find it odd that Philpot, the county coroner, did not have to go through this process when he got his court (not shooting pad) but court in at his home even thought the ordinance was indeed in effect then as well from what we have heard. The good news is that these board members will surely be voted out by all this families supporters soon enough for what they have put this family through. Good Lord, if there are no lights, no property line issues no drainage issues an only one idiot (who leaves his own pool uncovered, unfenced and unattended daily) then why is this even a question? I can tell you we have several neighbors with pools and many more more with courts....I will take the noise level of the courts any day of the week for sure. Most certainly the safety issues alone should be enough to overturn this ruling. It is the craziest thing to me that you can spend over half a million dollars on a home and lot and pay insanely high taxes and then someone else gets to tell you you can't have a basketball hoop on your own land. I ask again....IS THIS A JOKE.....if not, it will be soon enough. Good luck to the Atkins' family, hopefully the council members will sleep on it and have the guts to stand up for what is right....that is if they even SHOW UP in the first place!
    July 24, 2012 1:04 am on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
  6. Thanks weluvsoftball.....Honestly, I would prefer not to be involved at all in this conversation but it is hard to sit by and say nothing when I have young girls hoping to be like these girls someday. Do these people think their kids are not reading what is being said about them or their parents/step parents/coaches. I realize it is a huge disappointment to everyone involved that the season ended this way because the team was sooooooo talented. That is understandable. However, as you mentioned, this "stepfather" sounds like a supportive guy to me. Did the guy also buy the votes for all conference? Did HE hit the ball for the freshman to have the highest batting average? I sure did not see a man of any kind hitting for his daughter at any of the games our family went to:) I think the right thing is to just give credit where it is due or warranted and as my grandmother used to say "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" Do onto others people.....sadly, what goes around does indeed come right back around.
    June 01, 2012 10:45 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  7. Wow, I initially logged on to this website to review the articles on the end of the LC girls softball season as our family, although not from this area originally and not having kids even near high school age we still followed religiously the success of this team. I was so sad to hear about their last game and wanted to see how things ended up. After now reading the many various comments that are posted by parents/coaches/friends who knows....I am truly mortified! That any adult would make these type of comments about a 15 to 18year old teenager is absolutely insane to me as an educated adult and mother. "She is not all that" about a freshman player on the varsity team...REALLY????? You should be ashamed of yourself. I have personally watched this freshman girl as well as all the other girls work their butts off this whole season and not only impress me with their talent, but their teamwork and great attitudes as well. Is it possible that these "sour grape" parents are hiding behind a user name to complain because perhaps their child was not the freshman playing varsity or their child was sitting on the bench while others were not? Also, does no one find it slightly slanderous to make accusations against other parents not only completely immature but unfounded as well without any proof of these things happening. At first I was so angry for these parents/coaches etc wondering how they could not be furiously defending themselves about these comments until I realized they are obviously intelligent enough to know it is futile and a waste of time to try and reason with someone that clearly has some kind of axe to grind. Kudos to them for taking the high road and actually behaving as a mature adult/parent should behave. These other nay sayers are setting a terrible example for their kids as well as mine and others. If parents are like this at the high school level, I prefer to keep my girls completely clear of that whole mess. It is so sad that you have now managed to diminish all these girls hard work and a great season. Shame on you....
    June 01, 2012 9:41 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
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