1. Very true. I think many parents blame schools when things they aren't aware of come to light. Yes, schools should be safe and have our children's safety as their #1 priority,however, the "oh my child is young" or "we didn't know til the school finally called" reasons aren't enough. I was 17 before. I had attractive teachers. If one of them would have tried to cross the line, my parents would have known it. I'm sorry, but at 17 you are not young and dumb. You are smart enough to keep a relationship like this from your parents because you know it's wrong, right? So parents need to stop acting blinded by the children! Again, yes punish the teacher, but what kind of responsibility are these kids going to take?
    March 29, 2013 9:52 am on School City notified law enforcement after allegations surfaced on Morton teacher
  2. It's sad that so many so called "trusted" teachers are doing this , but what's just as bad is these young people! I think parenting is also going down the drain! While I absolutely think these teachers should be held responsible , nobody seems to question why a 17 year old girl would think sex with a teacher is ok, or as the other comment mentioned, kids giving oral sex in classrooms?? It gets a little tiring when nobody ever makes these kids take responsibility for the choices they make, or their parents at that. If I was the parent of a child involved in these types of situations, I would be questioning myself as well as the other parties involved.....
    March 28, 2013 11:51 pm on School City notified law enforcement after allegations surfaced on Morton teacher
  3. yes, every breed can be dangerous, and yes, we probably dont hear about those attacks very much for the simple fact that pit bulls are attacking way more often then other breeds. I have a dog, and i adore dogs in general, but pit bulls are a breed i do not and will not ever trust. There are too many cases reported of pit bull attacks whether they come from loving homes or not. to me, its built in the breed. If you raise a lion from birth to be around humans, it may grow up to be a big cute furry loveable pet, and maybe this one will breed and you raise their cubs to be around people. eventually you may have a 10th generation lion cub thats a big fuzzy ball of cuteness from being raised by people, but guess what, its in the animals instincts to attack. If it attacks someone then people say oh well of course, its a lion, its in its nature to attack. same scenario for pit bulls. Im sure they can be loving and adorable pets, but that breed is known for its aggressivness and attacks on people, so everyone who says how great and harmless they are would be chewing their own words if this was their baby.I pray the baby is ok.
    June 05, 2012 4:10 pm on M'ville child airlifted to Chicago hospital after dog attack
  4. I too believe that everyone emphasizes on everything but the real problem-the parents of these bullies!!! I have a 11 year old child and I have explained how bullying, staring, making fun of, or doing anything else to ANYONE that would make them uncomfortable,embarrass or defame them affects a person, child or adult. I started that when he wasnt even old enough to understand. and guess what? BIG suprise that he is turning out to be one of the best hearted children I know. He would never do anything to hurt the feelings of anyone, and he can make friends with anyone any where he goes. If the parents of these bullies taught them the same thing, it wouldnt be an issue. And please spare me the excuse of single parenting, or both parents work, or whatever other excuses you come up with. I was a single parent for a LONG time and still managed to work, go to school, and raise my kid to be a respectable child. They should make the parents responsible for the way these kids behave. If i was that age and had my parents called because I was a bully, i would have been lucky to ever see the light of day again! But thats a whole other issue-parents want to be best friends and not parents.....
    May 23, 2012 1:30 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
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