1. Make no mistake, the Indiana SPEED SCAMERA BILL IS ABOUT MONEY!

    All one has to do is discover what VENDOR is behind the bill.

    Just trace who is getting paid what. Some of these lobbyist even get a PER TICKET commission on scamera bills they push.

    Quote: “ On Jan. 27, however, the council voted 7-0 to suspend camera enforcement, amid a wide-ranging federal criminal investigation of former Parish President Aaron Broussard's administration.
    Roberts, who sponsored the measure, said he was disturbed to learn that Redflex planned to give about 3.2 percent of its Jefferson Parish revenue to lobbyists who had helped the company win the contract. Among the lobbyists: Bryan Wagner, a former New Orleans City Council member, and Julie Murphy, who is married to Judge Robert Murphy of the 24th Judicial District Court.”

    (Note one SPEED SCAEMRA VENDOR IS EMBROILED IN A BRIBERY SCANDAL in Chicago!,0,379202.story .

    Quote: "Hoffman last week presented the audit committee of Redflex's board with a starkly different version of events, reporting that Bills received thousands of dollars in pricey hotel stays, including tickets to at least one Super Bowl and White Sox spring training trips over the course of many years, according to sources. Hoffman's report implicated company executives in the wrongdoing and recommended that some be fired, the sources said.")

    (note that Scamera vendors pretend there is "support" by use of ASTRO groups.
    quote: "An Australian company has hired kingmakers from Chicago, Illinois to prevent Texas residents from being able to decide whether or not red light cameras should be used in their community. A "grassroots" group calling itself the Texas Traffic Safety coalition filed a lawsuit to stop the city of Port Lavaca, Texas from holding a referendum on the photo enforcement program run by Melbourne-based Redflex. Although no court order was issued in the case, the city council decided not to hold the election, despite the city charter's instruction that the council must place a qualified petition on the ballot.

    According to the March 3 Texas Secretary of State filing that created the Texas Traffic Safety Coalition, the group consists of three directors: David Goldenberg, Gregory Goldner and David Smolensky. All three are officers of Resolute Consulting, a public relations firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Redflex is one of the firm's satisfied clients.")

    (It should be noted that Chicago Republican party are now pushing for repeal of Chicago speed cameras. )


    Heck a UK report showed More accidents in areas that used speed scameras in work zones.

    Quote: The UK Department for Transport funded, then suppressed, a study that shows a 55 percent increase in injury accidents when speed cameras are used on highway work zones and a 31 percent increase when used on freeways without construction projects. According to the Transport Research Laboratory, the "non-works [personal injury accident] rate is significantly higher for the sites with speed cameras than the rate for sites without."

    Even a Car and Driver review of IL just before they put in the speed scameras work zones found that many deaths WERE BY THE CONSTRUCTION CREWS OWN EQUIPMENT!!!!

    quote: "One study by the Centers for Disease Control counted 492 fatalities over the years 1992 to 1998: 306 of them were struck by vehicles—154 by construction vehicles and 152 by traffic vehicles.
    Another study by the Center to Protect Workers' Rights, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 1999, said that of 530 vehicle-related deaths of workers that year, 170 involved traffic vehicles and 360 were divided between workers in construction vehicles and workers on foot struck by heavy equipment or trucks.
    For a list of gruesome ways to die, just read down the list of reports from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: Laborer dies after being run over by asphalt roller; truck driver dies after his vehicle rolled over an embankment and came to rest on its top; asphalt-compactor operator dies from crushing injuries during machine rollover; 17-year-old laborer dies after being run over by a water truck; laborer dies after falling underneath the wheel of a front-end loader; crane operator falls 30 feet from a freeway overpass."

    Photo enforcement is a revenue enterprise DEPENEDENT on "violations". They have to generate tickets

    This explains why there have been:

    1. Speed Scameras used in workerless work zones.

    2. Missing or hidden signs in "work zones".

    3. Putting the speed scameras near the very end of the work zone.
    Quote: "Larry Stefanuik, a former police constable who now helps motorists fight traffic tickets, was shocked at how blatantly the city was violating the law as he recorded the incident. The unmarked ticketing van was not only operating in a workerless zone, it was also positioned less twenty yards from the end of the construction zone barricades."

    On School Zones:

    1. Fake School Zones:

    2. Use in school zones without SCHOOL

    3. closed down school zones scameras.

    (see more School Zone Scams: )

    Also realize that when the scamera vendors don't make enough, you will see them get every more petty to churn tickets.

    A. Lowering trigger speeds below 5 mph. (in the example below 1 km/h)
    Quote: Vehicle owners have begun to protest after receiving 45 euro (US $58) tickets for driving as little as 61 km/h (38 MPH) in a 60 zone -- just 1 km/h or sixth-tenths of a mile-per-hour over the limit. The camera in question is positioned just a few yards away from a sign that lowers the limit on the road from 90 km/h (56 MPH) to 60, Varese Notizie reported.

    B. CITING FOR GOING TOO "slow" past a speed scamera!
    quote: Drivers who pass a photo radar location frequently drop their speed far below the legal limit to be absolutely certain no citation will come in the mail weeks later. In response, officials in Valencia, Spain have begun issuing photo tickets to drivers who are moving "too slow." Motorist Jesus Llorens received just such ticket in the mail on June 14 for sluggish driving past a camera in an Opel Vectra. The alleged offense happened in February at 11am in the tunnel of the Avenida del Cid.
    "Passing through, I was going no more than 35 or 40km/h, because I was trying not to go 50km/h because I suspected a radar was there," Llorens told Levante-El Mercantil Valenciano.
    end quote.

    Also note that you are GUILTY EVEN IF INNOCENT. One SCAMERA vendor HAS ALREADY ADMITTED PUBLICLY that over 5% of speed scamera tickets are in ERROR! and

    Never mind the problem that ALMOST EVERY speed scamera operation IN MD IS IGNORING THEIR OWN LAW!

    Quote: “The court probably felt it had no choice but to shield speed-camera programs from lawsuits because every speed-camera program has broken some part of the law,” said Mr. Ely. “There is no oversight with these programs by the state. The attorney general says it is not his job. The State Highway Administration has said it won’t intervene in local matters. This will be a green light for local governments to bend or break the rules even more.” According to Mr. Ely’s reckoning, speed cameras generate $77 million per year in revenue statewide. That’s substantial loot in these lean budgetary times

    (also see: ).
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    February 13, 2013 7:59 pm on House panel OKs school, work zone speed cameras
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