1. This is a very tragic situation -- another young life lost .. my thoughts are with the families of ALL the 'victims' in this situation ...
    BUT i am also upset with the fact that the police (and those commenting and reading this story) IMMEDIATELY 'implying' that ALCOHOL is to blame for the tragedy ---
    If people realized that the Moving truck stalled (on an expressway where the speed limit is 55mph and ALSO in a fast moving lane) ... and the semi-trailer THANKFULLY managed to avoid hitting it ... there was NOT much that anyone(Joshua) could do to avoid hitting the stalled vehicle ...
    Alcohol IS NOT ALWAYS the reason for accidents (and I am NOT saying it is or it isn't in this case) BUT I firmly believe that this WHOLE accident could have been avoided had the "Idiot" driving the moving vehicle (which I'm almost certain is NOT in proper working condition since i have seen this vehicle at repair shops in the area MANY times) would have merged towards the shoulder as soon as his truck began to have problems ...
    People Need to stop making 'assumptions' and just keep the victims, their families, and their friends in their thoughts and prayers <3
    June 13, 2012 8:20 pm on Griffith man killed, several others injured in I-80/94 wreck
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