1. I understand that this is news and the public has the right to know but does the Times have to put the kids ages and gender in the paper and the street name. The children have been through a lot, adding this to the mix only hurt the older child as her friends began to text her.

    Could we have a little common sense and print that it happened in the area of the four seasons, and that minors were involved? Would that have made the story any less awful. The children were hurt, and the Times multiplied the pain, is that the goal?

    I'm sorry it happened, I'm hurt and my heart is broken but I have to say to the Times, shame on you-you could have made all of us hurt a little less and still reported the news

    The grandmother who has the children.
    August 15, 2012 8:19 am on Police: Daughter discovered mom doing heroin
  2. Doctors make a larger income than do nurses. Teachers make a larger income than do classroom aids. Principals make a higher income than do teachers. It's all about the education level and the responsibilities that go with each position. A principal traditionally is required to have a higher level of education that results in an investment of more money toward education. In addition that principal has different responsibilities than does the classroom teacher. I'm not in the field of public instruction, however, I understand that the job descriptions and educational requirements are greater for the position of principal and even greater for superintendent of schools. The new teacher coming in at 34K still has a great deal of development before they become a teacher that needs to assistance from the administration.
    August 15, 2012 8:06 am on State audit questions payment to Hammond teachers union president
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