1. Agreed! My husband is a 4th generation steelworker as well!
    September 08, 2012 1:56 pm on United Steelworkers, ArcelorMittal reach tentative labor agreement
  2. I think your response is from someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

    What do you mean "no one else gets company healthcare when they retire"? Plenty of people I know have company healthcare after retirement, why do steel workers not deserve it as well?

    Also, Dragonfly2117's husband is not an idiot for driving as far as he does. I am sure many out of work people would drive that far to have a decent paying job. People do what they need to do to support their family. And yes, steel workers DO risk their lives. Have you ever worked or been in a steel mill? My husband works a VERY dangerous job at the mill, one that he holds a state license for, and went to school for. Do you think that working there is comparable to McDonalds? Really? Most average people would never be able to hack working in a steel mill. So before you insult people, stop and think, could you hack it? And before you tell me to get a job as well...I do have one, thank you.
    September 04, 2012 3:43 pm on Steelworkers continue contract negotiations
  3. I agree completely with what you say. My husband is also a steel worker, a 4th generation steel worker. Like you, we are not rich, by any means, he misses holidays and school events as well. His department still works on the swing shift schedule, meaning he rotates all 3 shifts. He works 12's because of being shorthanded, and when your relief calls off, oh well, your stuck there. He is a very hard worker, and I am proud to say my husband is a steel worker.
    I do believe the Union is going to have to concede to some of the demands by the company, in order to keep their jobs. But by no means do they deserve huge paycuts, or some of the other demands.
    September 04, 2012 3:31 pm on Steelworkers continue contract negotiations
  4. rover...Sorry, but my husband does not only have a 4th grade education, does not sleep all day or lean on a broom at his steel mill job, and does not make $30 an hour. He is a VERY hardworking 4th generation steelworker at his mill, does a very dangerous job which he went to school for and that requires him to have a state license to do, and is in the process of working towards another type of certification there, and, has held other various jobs there which are also dangerous. So please, do not insult people by insinuating they are lazy and uneducated when they have these types of jobs.
    August 29, 2012 9:48 pm on Clock ticking as USW negotiations near end
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