1. .Then you should understand when kids get to the point of enough is enough. I don't have any idea what the office told you was said but I am sure it was nothing that would reflect badly on their part, it never is. That doesn't mean it is true.
    May 23, 2012 9:12 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  2. BTW, the assistant principal was not involved in Friday's incident. the only people present were the principal, the counselor and the child's family so any rumors about what transpired in the office had to originate with either the principal or the counselor. No other school employee took part in any discussion.
    May 23, 2012 8:59 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  3. You should listen to yourself. You seem to be implying the child went through months of visits to the counselor with trumped up stories (also involving other children that would help her with her ingenious plot) all leading up to last Friday's events and all as a part of a master plot to extort money from the school distict. You really need to find something more constructive to think about, it just makes you appear paranoid. You can find anything hard to believe but these types of things happen all the time, just do your research and read some of the other parents comments that are going through or have gone through the same sort of situation. Is everyone lying? Is it all part of a larger far-reaching plot to bring down the school system? Really!
    May 23, 2012 8:56 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  4. Actually the other school did not drop her off. Someone called the police and a Lake County Police officer picked her up from Bibich to transport her to Grimmer where her parents were waiting. Her school never noticed she was gone. Their first clue was when they received a call from Bibich. I was told they (Grimmer) do not have the capability to secure the school, pretty much the children can leave unnoticed at any time and they may or may not noticed after a while.
    May 23, 2012 8:51 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  5. The LC school board meeting was last Monday night, the next date is not yet posted.
    May 23, 2012 8:47 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  6. First of all, as I said, each child reacts differently to any given set of circumstances. Lucky you that your child is one that can shrug it off, not all are as tough as that. Second, she did go to an adult, over and over again and with other children that did support her version, so it was not a matter of one person's word in these incidents. So why would she go again to anyone who has no track record of offering any help? Lastly, you have no first hand knowledge of what she told the office. Her parents were there before she got back to the school and do have first hand knowledge. If you think you know what transpired there then you can only be one of two people, the principal or the guidance counselor, otherwise anything you are speaking of is second hand and if it came from either of the two school employees that were actually present we have more problems in that school than what is just being discussed here. As for two sides I am sure the school will not ever post on this site, at least not in any overt manner as they have to consider many other factors besides trying to discredit a ten year old. I hope your child is never in a threatening situation that you cannot control. We had no control over the school incidents and we certainly did not expect you could just walk out unnoticed. So much for a secure environment. That cannot be disputed. We are quite aware she is not perfect but she is very compassionate and definitely not a follower that doesn't care if she hurts someone. She has told these girls to leave her alone as she has been told to do and some kids just can't, it amuses them to see others suffer. So if you are the counselor then shame on you and if your're someone that the counselor spoke to about something that was school business then shame on you both. You had to be there to really know. You don't know anything about us and you don't know the facts but everyone is entitled to their opinion, misinformed or not.
    May 23, 2012 7:00 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  7. I am the girl's grandmother. I can tell you what we were told. When she walked away between classes they probably would not notice her absence at first since they only take attendance first thing in the morning except for special classes. However, by the time she made her way over to Sheffield by Bibich someone should have noticed she was no longer there. Also, we were told they don't have the ability to keep track of everyone in real time as the camera tapes are only for review. The school board said it is much easier to get out of the school than into it. The problems with the girls were blamed on my granddaughter by the school principal and counselor. Her mother was told she does not know how to relate to the other kids. The counselor promised the situation would be handled and discipinary action would take place but it never did. The reaction any child of this age will have to being ridiculed, threatened or teased in public is not predictable. Where one child will just let it go another can sink into deep despair. This is how we end up with the Columbine's of the world and the children that think no one cares and commit suicide. I was personally told (by a Board Member) that Lake Central has Zero Tolerance for bullying but I did not see that in either their handbook or in their actions. She walked away and no one noticed until they were notified by the people who found her. The "what ifs" are astronomical. She could have been taken by someone (we would have no clue) or injured and the school took absolutely no responsibility. Not even an apology. Children are those we hold closest to our heart. We do everything in our power to protect them and insure their well-being. When we entrust those young lives to the school system we expect them to do the same, we cannot do any less!
    May 23, 2012 7:08 am on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
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