1. I, too, am one of the brides who does not have a wedding dress nor do my 6 bridesmaids have their 6 dresses that were all paid for IN FULL. We were not asked to pay cash, except if you paid half then 45 days later your second payment had to be cash. This is completely ruining everything leading up to my wedding day. I am getting married in 59 days and this is the last thing I needed to worry about it considering I ordered my wedding dress exactly 52 weeks from my wedding date. This lady will NOT get away with this. I would like to meet these other brides that are in the same position I am. Thankfully I bought another dress right off the rack, I love it but I have spent more money than I wanted to and now have purchased 2 wedding dresses. My girls, on the other hand, are out dresses and I have to try to figure out what to do. Everyone knows wedding planning is stressful enough, people do not need this to add to the stress.Karma doesn't mess around, this lady will NOT get away with this.
    August 08, 2012 6:48 am on Brides-to-be say dress shop broke its vow
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