1. Coach Sherman sucks! Should be fired or resign.
    June 10, 2012 9:44 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  2. Oh my Carolyno, you definitely are not an English teacher or an adult who has children over the age of 18. The reason being, the word "passed" is actually "past" and what adult ever uses "lol" to end their comments. Fyi, she didn't start because she was better, she started because it was her turn in the rotation. No one ever said LCHS had a bad team. I believe the coach made a lot of poor decisions these past three years. Period.
    May 30, 2012 7:41 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  3. Unfortunately, the parents never speak up until it is too late. The parents or players don't speak up because they will be "marked." I remember years back when the parents made it known in the bleachers when they were not happy with Coach Sherman. What happened to those girls? One sits the bench and the other never played again. What a shame to have so much power and ruin a players "will and heart" for the game she has played since she was a little girl. When will LC realize they have a lot of talent in every sport. Unfortunately, they don't always play the most talented due to the politics or promises they make to others.
    May 30, 2012 5:23 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  4. That Freshman pitcher was recently brought up along with other Freshman and Sophomore players. This is what he has done every year since becoming the head coach. She is not the best pitcher. It was her turn in the rotation. Again, baseball coaches do a rotation not softball coaches. I am not taking away anything from that pitcher. She is a good pitcher. The coach needed to "stop the bleeding" on the mound. Those are his words regarding the fielding behind Karberg. He should have taken responsiblity for the loss...period. end of story.
    May 30, 2012 5:17 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  5. Devoted coach or not. He made poor decisions in crucial games for the past several years. Honest and trustworthy...I beg to differ. This has nothing to do with the starting pitcher. If I agree or not with who started is not the point. Chesterton picked up the Freshman pitchers timing in the 2nd inning. Any joe sitting in the stands could see that. The coach was looking past this game. One huge mistake.
    May 30, 2012 5:13 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  6. 100% agreed. I felt bad for the pitcher. The coach will not take blame for his poor decisions. He has already placed the blame on the players in the field. Also, another post claims the LC team was outplayed. I'll admit Chesterton did have some amazing plays in the field. Give credit where credit is due. But, their bats could have been halted if a key decision was made.
    May 30, 2012 1:06 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  7. You are telling me that the freshman pitcher was the best choice once Chesterton got her timing down in the 3rd inning? The momentum was taken away from the team due to the poor decision of the coach…PERIOD! Mental mistakes happened on the field because of the coach’s poor decision. The pitcher is a great freshman pitcher. Just that. She struggled last night and should have been pulled after the HR. The errors would NOT have happened if the coach made the right decision. It is obvious that you have a freshman or sophomore on the team. We will see if your feelings are the same when your daughter is sitting the bench when she is a junior or senior and has earned her playing time. This coach should have stayed with the roster that got him there in the first place. He had a lot of talent sitting on the bench last night (including the fielders/pitchers). By reading these replies, it is clear to me that the parents are not happy with the program the coach has right now.
    May 30, 2012 11:22 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  8. It is not Coach Sherman that the LC Girls Varsity team has been so successful. He took over a team that had a lot of talented young ladies. My concern is why does he replace the Junior and Seniors with Freshman and Sophomore girls that he brought up for the playoffs? He has done this the past 3 years. I sat in the stands a couple years ago and listened to the parents moan and complain about pulling their daughters and replacing them with the Freshman and Sophomore players. I now understand 100% why they were so upset with the coach. There is alot to be said about experience. The loss is no fault of the pitcher on the mound.. Chesterton caught on early and did hit the ball. That is where the coach failed. He should have pulled her immediately after the HR was hit but he chose to leave her in and then put her back in the next inning again to give up more runs. He finally replaced her with an experienced pitcher and the LC girls only gave up one run. Karberg is a good freshman pitcher but putting her in to pitch against a solid hitting team was a mistake. Key word is Freshman pitcher. Chesterton had her number in the 2nd inning. She should have been pulled by the coach. In regards to the comment of "certain players" should have stepped up. They have been through this year after year under the direction of Coach Sherman. History has shown this is what he has done year after year, places the Juniors and Seniors on the bench and puts in the less experienced girls on the field (pitching and fielders). It will be very interesting to see what happens next year. Thank you sb123. You are absolutely right! Thank you for posting that comment.
    May 30, 2012 8:40 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
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