1. I feel so bad for the parents. I hope they find peace with this. I pray he did not suffer!
    July 06, 2012 11:40 am on Lowell man killed when fireworks cartridge explodes in his face
  2. cman, where is your data? could find hazzards all day long if you look for them, and how do you know those things are not being addressed? you smokers are all alike...wah wah wah...
    July 01, 2012 5:57 pm on Local biz owners see few side effects from smoking ban
  3. I find it ironic that Mark Hines is complaining about the ban, but admits that it has not hurt business, and his employees and customers are enjoying a cleaner and healthier environment. I went there a few times years ago, but never went back because of the smoke. I dont see myself going there now either, since he's decided to blame the "current administration" for something that has only helped his business. As for the heavy smokers he lost, REALLY? Does he miss those loosers?
    July 01, 2012 5:54 pm on Local biz owners see few side effects from smoking ban
  4. Since your senses have been dulled by nicotine, I dont find it hard to believe that you are blown away by the acute senses of a non smoker....yes we can not only smell but also taste (which is even worse) your cancer stick smoke while you devour it in the car before us....when I go to a drive thru, I have to pull up to your airspaceas the line advances, where your smokey breath is still lingering and choke on your gross molecules ....if you even come near me in a store, and you've had a ciggarrette before you entered the store, I can not only smell it on you, I can taste your ashtray breath,... I have to quickly move away or I will puke from the gross stench, also I do not want other customers thinking I stink when it is you that smells like a skunk....SMOKERS, KNOW THIS, NON SMOKERS HAVE ALL THE POWER, YOU ARE MALIGNED, DESPISED AND DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, AND MOST OF THE TIME YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ITS HAPPENING...NEXT TIME YOU DONT GET THAT CALL POST JOB INTERVIEW, REMEMBER, WE CAN SMELL YOUR HABIT EVEN IF HAS BEEN HOURS SINCE YOUR LAST SMOKE...YES, OUR SENSES ARE THAT GOOD....
    July 01, 2012 4:50 pm on Ban snuffing smoking in most public places starts today
  5. Ok, I've read most of the comments here and the smokers are really grasping at straws. First of all, there are a lot of you "chimneys" stating that non smokers can avoid smoke in public places by not patronizing certain businesses. It is only in the last few years that non smokers even had a few options, since some businesses and towns, in anticipation of this law, enforced a smoking ban, and for many businesses, this was a way to build a non-smoking clientele. I will first discuss how the children of these "chimneys" will benefit from this law. Now their "chimney" parents have to leave the table to go outside and inhale their gross cancer stick, leaving their long suffering children to a nice smoke free meal for once (I hope they roast or freeze whilst they are doing so, depending on the season). Since only 21% of IN residents smoke, they should feel lucky that they, the minority, have been catered to all these years. I for one am rejoicing over this. Not only because I can now have more options as to what businesses I might throw money at, but more importantly, I relish the thought of these chimneys anguishing over the loss of their "right" to pollute the air for the rest of us. Most smokers won't avoid smoking around their own kids, so the gnashing of teeth comes as no suprise. There is a guy on this thread that keeps stating that non-smokers go to bars only to get drunk, drive and cause injury to others. REALLY? Nice try buddy. I never have more than 2 drinks when I go out, and I dont actually even go to bars, its usually a restaurant/ lounge situation. How about getting some data on this EINSTEIN and posting it on this thread to prove your point. The bottom line is that it is a filthy, disgusting habit, smokers stink like skunks, and they know all of this but they are desperate to defend their addiction. To be honest, this law needs to be even harsher. I think it should be banned in all public places, in cars and in homes (if you have kids or pets). Something tells me thats not too far on the horizon.
    July 01, 2012 4:39 pm on Ban snuffing smoking in most public places starts today
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