1. Doug, what this article suggests to me, considering you managed to write it within 45 minutes of knowing that Bennett went down, is that you have not spoken with any actual educators about what Tony Bennett had attempted to do in this state. I suppose his wife's buisness relationships with charter schools had no influence on Tony's adamant belief that charter was a solution, despite charters having some of the lowest test scores around. Show some decency and do personal research before you spout off the union label. This is the same state that passed Right to Work, your op-ed is a cop-out for a situation in which you did not understand or appreciate the facts. Bennett lost and rightfully so, if you were willing to spend some time outside of work in schools to talk with people and do some personal research, you would have seen that.
    November 06, 2012 10:24 pm on DOUG ROSS: In this race, voters looked for union label
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