1. The Truth, Yes it is possible to know the truth. God is truth and still strives for the truth to be known. It is man that works to change and cover up the truth. It is sad when a supposed leader of a church falls. The truth is that Jesus is the head of the church not the pastor. The pastor's job is supposed to be keeping Jesus at the head of the church. This was the first failure or Jack Schaap. He tried to be the head of the church. For years Jack Schaap cast doubt on the Word of God. He challenged its authority of preservation and its inspiration. The Bible is the mind of the Lord. The truth is that if one casts doubt on God's Word, which is the mind of Christ, God will mess with their mind. The truth is that long before there was an affair and of all things with a young minor, their was a sad day when a supposed man of God would not humble himself to the Word of God!!! It would only be a matter of time before God would mess with one who would mess with the Mind of Christ!!!
    September 29, 2012 4:15 pm on Court asked to seal correspondence in Schaap case
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