1. Everybody need to calm down. I'm the person who's house they were at, when they were found. The grandma on channel 7 news. There at home, safe and with their mom. Thats all that matters. We didnt know they ran a way from home. Until a neighbor call me monday at 10am and told me about the amber alert. The boys had just left my house wanting my grandson to come out to play around 9:50am. An when I talk to my daughter she said they came over at 7am looking for my grandson. After talking to my neighbor. I told my grndson to go see if they were outside. He said they were. I told him to tell them he cant come out but they can come in a play. So they did. I told them and my grandson I was going to the management office to pay rent. I called my neighbor back cause she was with the police to tell them the boys were at my house. Lansing police came and got the boys. But they were playing with my grandson all day sunday. Inside and outside. But when they left sunday they refuse to let us walk them home. When we insisted. They ran. Then showed back at our house Monday morning at 7am. Their back Home. THE END
    June 13, 2012 12:14 am on Missing Lansing boys found safe
  2. God Bless you and those boys you have charmane. If the police said they were out posting anything they lied!
    June 12, 2012 8:50 pm on Missing Lansing boys found safe
  3. charmane: 1st understand that percerption is reality and AS I STATED the boys where outside ALL DAY SUNDAY!so as far as I am concerened the fact is that no one came looking.. AND i would hope that nothing is going on in your home... but thats your home and when your sons.. but when they RAN AWAY from YOUR care it became public business. I am glad that they came by not because I want to judge but to be sure that they were safe. THEY WERE around the corner not hiding but outside in broad day light all day playing. I can understand you being on the defense because I did in fact attack the home situation but what do you expect when they were around the corner from there home and no one found them. Believe you are not the only mother who has to wear two and three hats but thats the life of A MOTHER. I apologize for upsetting you, APPLAUDE what you do and especially being in the reserves....and apologize again for calling into judgement your homelife. Just like you are venting SO DID I and I stand behind the facts of the matter. Also, I had A CHANCE to walk in your shoes for 15 mintues when some one actually tried to kidnap my child. SO i understand how you could feel but unfortunately the fact is the boys were out in plain sight all day and NO one came looking and its my understanding that they live around the corner. Far as you being well known in the community well we should cross paths shortly then at church or in the neighborhood because our kids are friends and in the future I would much rather you have help with all that you have going on and having two kids. Again that is on you. I apologize for calling your homelife into question. I have no heaven or h*ll to put you in so i am not judging but i would hope that given the facts and standing in my shoes you can understand my stance.
    June 12, 2012 8:48 pm on Missing Lansing boys found safe
  4. i am really praying for their safety! seriously I pray that home is covered in abundance!
    June 11, 2012 6:32 pm on Missing Lansing boys found safe
  5. they didnt even try to find them! i live less than a block away. and no one came looking for them, until we called the police after the amber alert went out...
    June 11, 2012 5:46 pm on Missing Lansing boys found safe
  6. i am the mother of a 9 year that goes to school with the younger boy... and the boys were actually at my home all day saturday playing with my son and the other neighborhood kids. I swear everytime i asked about them going home to check in with their parents the walked away but returned in less than 30 minutes. Some parents just dont care and i realize that, So i fed them and let kept them under my supervision all day; thinking the parents just ket them out and gave them a curfew, so around 9pm i told them it was time to go home. We said we would walk them and they ran off. I wish i wouldve probed more, i wish i would let them spend the night. My son said when the boys step father saw them they ran far and fast... we got them to come back over, unknowing about the run away status we were just trying to help the kids to find out what was going on and feed them again. Because it was 7am and they were outside again! I thought the parents of these kids are HORRIBLE...so i gave them some breakfast and told them i was walking them home. Then we saw them on the news and called the police. I wish they wouldve passed out flyer or not waited so long to put out the amber alert! I WORRY WHAT DID I SEND THEM BACK HOME TO! but if my son was missing for even a second i wuld lose my mind.. this address is a block away! they could not have been looking for them no way!! my son is hysterical, i'm saddened by the look on there faces they probably will run away from the "step father" again...i hope the police investigates the home... I FEEL AWFUL that they were with me all day saturday in my home eating.. outside playing with all the kids .. i didnt harbor them i just gave them some peace; had i have known they ran away i would called the police but I DO NOT SEE how the parents just neglected to LOOK for them all weekend...
    June 11, 2012 5:45 pm on Missing Lansing boys found safe
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