1. I didn't know him personally but knew him from the kids in our neighborhood. It's unfortunate that people comment without knowing the facts of the incidents that took place in 1997, only what the papers tell you. It was never proven that Gus shot the girl...the gun was destroyed by a family member ignorantly trying to protect him...however bullistics could not prove one way or the other that the bullet came from his gun. You see...many people were shooting that night, and bullets were ricocheting. Gus was pointed out as the shooter but again, he was one of many who were shooting. I believe in justice...and 15 years served is the time handed down regardless if we feel it was enough, however he did the time. It would never bring back that girl or the life she carried, nor heal her families pain. I pray for Gus's family as they lost a child as well that night...lives were changed. I pray for the family of the girl as this story has to reopen old wounds.
    September 14, 2012 3:08 pm on Man on parole in fatal 1997 Lew Wallace homecoming shooting killed in crash
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