1. I apologize for my earlier inappropriate reply. Paula Cooper has not dedicated her life to anything but an evil purpose. Prison inmates take advantage of the education offered simply to do something, there is no dedication involved. They also enjoy going to the hospital for surgery as if it were a vacation. Paula was judged by a jury of her peers and found guilty, that was her judgment, therefore no additional judgment is being cast here. God may give her a second change but us sinners of the early world don't have too, she was convicted and should have been put to death. As far as doing something with her education, she has not, where it comes to her culinary skills, she has put all bakers to shame by putting coconut in a no-bake cookie, so yeah, there's no dedication there.
    July 15, 2012 5:58 pm on Paula Cooper: Convicted of murder at 15, a Gary woman prepares for her 2013 release
  2. she has a story, yep and I bet she want to sell it, she hopes some kid wants to listen to her and she'll get them, I bet she will. What this dirtbag wants is a 2nd chance to kill again, and that's it. She killed in cold blood with forethought, yes, forthought. She was originally judged by a jury of her peers and sentenced to death, no one is casting anymore judgment upon her than what was asked by the judicial system, which then, in turn converted her sentence to 60 years with a release next year. The judicial system is releasing a cold blooded killer on society, who just happens to cook and bake. Well then, she'll know how to get rid of the body next time, great. Shame on the times for even giving this monster space in this paper, they would have much better served the community by running the Pelke family story first and only. If I never see Paula Coopers name other than in the obits, I will be happy. Simply put, prisoners know how to manipulate, they have been doing it their entire locked up career, and this monster is no exception, she has manipulated the system, the writer of this article, and some public opinon to her advantage, but hopefully the inmates at this institution will take care of our problem long before it becomes our problem again in society. Sometimes the "inmate system" of justice is the only system that works.
    July 15, 2012 4:33 pm on Paula Cooper: Convicted of murder at 15, a Gary woman prepares for her 2013 release
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