1. Also pitbulls were bred to fight each other and THEY NEVER HARMED THEIR TRAINER.Even a dying dog wouldn't bite their owner,they were loyal unto death.This is why they were bred to fight.So do not claim it is the dogs ''instinct'' to attack a person.This is just not true.
    June 27, 2012 7:16 am on Pit bulls should be banned because of vicious attacks
  2. This is absurd and ignorant.First of all I own a pit named Baron who is inseperable from my 3 year old.They grew up together.........bathe together and generally may as well be siblings.My dog is devoted to out family 110 percent and if he does have a fault it is that he is too loving to the point of annoyance.When Baron was about a year old a doberman charged my toddler and Baron threw himself between them and got bitten several times to protect thr smallest member of the pack.Barons father Max roams the block with no leash and walks the half mile every morning to the dairy Mart and waits outside patiently for his beef jerky that he always gets.God help anyone Max would deem a threat to any child or person he is familiar with in the neighborhood.........

    I would not want any other type of dog with my child other than a pitbull ! My dog herds my child if he goes near the woods,sleeps next to him keeping him safe at night,and is intelligent and well behaved.A trained bully is the best dog anyone could ever hope to own,and I am convinced of it.The ''Nanny Dog'' title they were given long ago is truer than you know and all I could tell you if you have any doubts is get a bully as a pet and you will understand immediately !

    Perhaps you should spend some time reading about the dozens of instances of pitbulls saving their owners or even strangers from criminals,other animals,fires and medical problems.It's easy to look up the stories are countless and documented.God created everything for a reason.He created pitbulls and they arent going anywhere...........

    You should become educated before you make ignorant statements about a complete breed.Pitbulls are amazing animals !

    June 27, 2012 7:11 am on Pit bulls should be banned because of vicious attacks
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