1. hi everyone, i am responding because of some of the negative, hurtful, and racist comments that people have posted on here and others. First, there is already too much unneccessary hurt, pain, and violence. We do not need to add on to it with hurtful, negative, and judgemental comments. There are so many psycho people in the world that has caused so much pain for others. we do not as one human race need to talk, act, or portray ourselves as the sick psychotic people that is roaming this earth hurting people. The way that some of you respond to these articles make me wonder are you all part of the psycho group. Really? 26 people just got murdered and 20 of them were babies. How can that kind of behavior not touch anyone and make them appreciate and value themselves as well as other innocent victims. The person who killed those people were white, the person who murdered Terrell was black, the person who murdered people in Colorado was another race. and so on and so forth. Race has nothing to do with it! Evil, psycho, demonic, deranged, people is the reason for all of this nonsense. Now as far as Terrell, he was a wonderful, happy, and fun loving person to know. He put himself through college and started his own successful business at the age of 24. How many people could say at 24 they owned their own company and successful? No he was not a thug, no his mother nor any of his family were on welfare, no he did not get things handed to him, and no this was not a retalilation of some sort. He worked hard and he played fair. He shouldn't have ever had something like this happen to him, just like the 20 kids who were murdered trying to get an education and the teachers who were there to teach them. It was just unneccessary!!! Some people who have responded in such a negative manner about him and others need to really look inside themselves and see why are you so hateful, hurtful, and down right evil. Stop it! I send love, peace, and comfort to all of those who are affected by Terrell's death and to the families of the 26 victims in Colorado.
    December 17, 2012 5:03 pm on Gary man fatally shot; police seeking tips, ID on gunman
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