1. I'm gonig to opt to presume the reason JBird, StaytotheLeft and Bobsr have made the comments they made is because they are misinformed rather than shameless hacks. I hope that's the right diagnosis for their errors because there's a cure for that; if it's the latter, though, sadly there is not. The good news is that only hurts them in the long run.

    So, one by one, let's take out the red pen:

    StaytotheLeft RE: Mitt Romney: "he a mooching greedy sob" I translate that to read that StayLeft thinks Romney is a mooching, greedy snob. OR sob. The namecall aside, either way the adjectives are wrong. (1)Romney is not a mooch by anyone's definiton. All his money was earned, and when he was in the private sector. He took no salary as head of the Olympics. He took no salary as Governor of MA. (2)Greedy? How so? Mitt has gives away tens of millions in charity each year. Nor is he greedy with his time, as his volunteer efforts are also well documented, both for church and medical charities.

    JBird: Well, you tink this Hamilton character is a truth teller. LOL. He's nakedly being a hypocrite, so he's lying somewhere. Sorry, but logic exposes you on that.

    Bobsr: Romney's Bain Capital closed a plant where a man lost his insurance and she died of cancer sooner than Bob thinks she should've. First things first: Romney had been long gone from the company when this even happened. Secondly, the guy who actually closed the plant while working at Bain is a huge Obama supporter, and decorated democrat moneyman. Thirdly, the woman had her own insurance after her husband's firing.

    The second issue you moan about is money being "overseas". If by that you mean in an offshore account, that's not illegal. There's a reason there are 602 banks in the Cayman islands: the US is punitive with taxation at all levels. If you mean he had holdings in foreign entitites, well if you have a 401K or an IRA, so do you and any american worker.

    Seamas, Romney's dog, never disappeared. Nor did he ride on the car in some lone h€lltrip. That's where he rode on all trips. Not going to win medals for animal safety, but this is yet another example of you being uninfiormed.

    Lastly, you fail in a grand fashion on Jeep. Romney said they are going to be building Jeeps overseas, in China. This was in response to a news alert on Bloomberg then CNBC and elsewhere. Democrats rushed to the cameras crying, the CEO of Fiat, the Itlaian company who scooped up Chrysler on the cheap in a sweetheart deal that left american creditors out to dry, said, Nope, no no no, we are not moving jobs to China for Jeep. Then, about two weeks after the election, what happens......oh, Jeep will be building Jeeps in China afterall. So, autos that could be made in the USA, are now being made in China. The little itlian man who runs the company has said they might make some in Russia, and that his dream is for all the brands he controls to one day be made in Italy. But, the point remains, Romney was being critical of a scenario created by Obama wherein one of the Big 3 American automakers took at least $25Billion in bailout money (that's taxpayer money, our money) to avoid bankruptcy, then went bankrupt anyway, then rid of creditors and debtors, then sold out to the Italians, who have turned around and starting building more Jeeps in China (that's overseas, omg, overseas) and not in America where they've been built for 70 years now.

    I know not many Obamites or Obamae will be converted, because they don't have that sort of fair capacity, but hopefully this is not the case for all of you. Most of these species see politics as a game, and so they're happy to lie about the opponents whom they see as enemies and cover-up the stink emitted from their own kind. This is why media are so loathed....down there with the politicians they protect! This is why when Bush was president they hammered away night and day with the price of gas at the pump and the daily body count from Iraq/Afghanistan. It doesn't matter that the deadliest months of either war front have been under Obama. It doesn't matter that whle they decried Bush's 5% unemployment, 2 front war, and $2 gas they are silent on Obama's 8% unemployment, 6-front war, and $4 gas.

    All that matters is that time clarifies history and this whole Obama/Media era will be one of the cheesier periods of American history, ableit one that will take about 15 or 20 years to undo much of his mess.
    February 12, 2013 12:51 pm on Where was Hamilton when Romney was accused?
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