1. I have heard the same things about some of those sixth grade boys. They think they are above the law. They knew how to get off the hook (or at least they thought they knew, I only hope it doesn't work) for disregarding school rules and insubordination to a teacher - they turned it on the teacher. They knew they were doing it. They should not get away with this. They possess a sense of entitlement, they are arrogant and conduct themselves as if they are rowdy, unruly college kids - yet they are 6th grade boys. Okay parents, allow this, encourage it at the expense of a valued member of the UTMS team and you (along with others in society) will shoulder the consequences. Get control over your boys! Stop making excuses!!!!
    March 14, 2013 5:23 pm on Union Township teacher accused of battering student
  2. Are you the parent?

    I have never heard such things about this teacher and I have had a child in his classes. The boys involved indicated to someone that they embellished their story, what do you have to say about that?????

    Bullying some students? Sure. I know a student threw a desk in his class. This teacher is a kind, good educator. He has not bullied anyone that I know of. You are hearing this now? Is this new information to you? If not, his 'bullying' never concerned you before? If it is new, perhaps it is to try to paint this picture in a certain light right now - to again, make the teacher at fault for boys who not only DO NOT follow the rules but also yell at the teacher to get out, when he is trying to enforce the clearly stated rules!!!! Think about it for a second, the rule of one at a time in the bathroom during lunch is very well known, the teacher comes in and finds three boys in there, one yells at him to get out - what do you think the climate was in that bathroom? Who do you think was out of line, just with that information alone.

    Quit defending spoiled, unruly kids who don't know how to follow rules.
    March 14, 2013 5:20 pm on Union Township teacher accused of battering student
  3. I have a child who goes to UTMS. I knew of this situation, from my child, before I ever read about it in the paper. I also heard, from my child, who spoke directly with children involved, that the 'facts' that were presented were not absolutely true about the teacher involved.

    I have another child who had this teacher. I have experienced only positive, favorable dealings with the teacher. I know the boys involved and I cannot attest to the stellar reputation for them as I can for the teacher. I feel very disheartened that this teacher's reputation is in question from the claims of these boys who clearly were not following school rules about the bathroom procedure. The rule is, one in at a time. Everyone knows this. That teacher's job has been to enforce the rules, he does this all the time and he has never been known to enforce it in an way that would be contrary to school policy (from my child's perspective - having been witnessing it every day for over a year).

    The policy is clear. The violation and disrespect of the boys was clear and the blaming the teacher is causing the real violators to get off the hook. This is a sad day.

    UTMS is a wonderful school, that teacher is a valuable member of the staff. It sure puts all teachers on notice, you can so readily be accused while the kids who were violating policy distract attention away from themselves.
    March 13, 2013 6:00 pm on Union Township teacher accused of battering student
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