1. it would be nice to know what gas stations exactly I can and can't go to.
    also I think that BP will deny it's their own fault. I bet they already know what the problem is but just won't admit it! they probably also won't reimburse any repair costs, and if they do, the gas prices will shoot up like never before. so we pay for it either way.
    August 21, 2012 10:56 am on Customers stall trying to reach BP over bad gasoline
  2. I don't quite get what your quote has to do with the response.
    If the school had noticed she was gone, they would have called the parents. But they didn't, until the bus driver dropped her of at school more than 30 minutes later. THAT is the problem. That they didn't do anything about the bullying is a different topic that has to be talked about. Because even if the child lied, that's no excuse for the school not to look into it.
    May 23, 2012 5:54 pm on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  3. I don't trust schools at all. I have no reason to. I myself have been bullied. In elementary school my TEACHER slapped me in the face, the kids told everyone I had some sort of contagious disease, in middle school this continued, I've been spit on, my school bag has been burned, I've been beat up, and noone ever has done anything to stop it. Only once two girls have been suspended for 1 week and after that they just resumed where they stopped. It got so bad people came to my home and into my mother's restaurant to insult me or let other people hear what they had to say about me. I was always told to either suck it up or to ignore it, they would just go away. But they didn't. I don't understand how teachers, counselors and principals can be so ignorant. If I didn't move on, I'd have killed myself, it was that bad.
    Even in high school it was horrible. I remember even my teachers to work against me. I received several Fs because they didn't like me. Once I was sick during a test, I had a doctor's note, I gave it to them and they claimed they never received it. Then I got an F because I wasn't in school for 2 weeks, due to a surgery!
    I have a hard time deciding whether homeschool or letting my daughter go to a school!
    May 23, 2012 8:47 am on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
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