1. Jazz415 I KNEW you would be the first to respond, if you consider the above a viable reply.The reason I knew that is because as the screen name suggests, I have indeed been watching closely. I am one who prefers to read the news on-line, paying particularly close attention to items relating to Lansing. Because of this I, as well as others have had the distinct pleasure (cough, cough, choke, puke) of reading your NUMEROUS and REPEATED responses to just about any and everything related to politics in Lansing. I will give you credit when its due in that there have been many occasions where you are seemingly well armed with facts and sound intelligent. However, you have an annoying habit of sounding off on anyone whose opinion differs from your own and attempt to make people feel inferior with your condescending responses. Since you have all this spare time on your hands, perhaps you should team up with Norm and his city dwelling friends led by Donnie "oops I forgot to check my carry on bag" Trotter- and actually get PAID to defend his cause instead of commenting over and over for free. I, for one, have better things to do with my time from this point on then to get in a comment battle with paint the fence and watch it dry....
    March 25, 2013 9:50 pm on Trotter backing Abbott for Lansing village president
  2. Wait, did I read that correctly? Abbott is "understanding" of the problems that the African American population of Lansing is facing? Perhaps that is why instead of having African American voters FROM Lansing walk door to door with him, he chooses those from the city- those who know NOTHING about our Village to try and persuade people NOT to vote for the Progressive Action Party. But in order to assemble that large of a group of African Americans from Lansing to walk with him, he would have actually had to reach out to them over the last four years. Wait, I failed to mention the best part.....some of those "walkers" admitted to being paid $100 per day to spew lies about the other side. Pretty sure my favorite one was that Don has promised to "double the police and fire pensions." Now, to your uneducated voter that sounds like a very real possibility that would fall on the taxpayer. Too bad Abbott sent some of his stooges to houses where people know pensions are controlled by the state. This group from Chicago decended on our Village and knocked at doors with Progressive Action Party signs asking people why they were voting for them, and tried every trick in the book to change their minds. Because they know exactly ZERO about any of the candidates running, they were given a script. Ethics and integrity is what the Lansing Village Party prides itself on? I guess integrity includes aligning yourself with a soon to be convicted felon who was at best highly negligent. Integrity must mean bringing in non residents and PAYING them to slander the other team. Wonder exactly WHO is funding that little enterprise, and where those funds are coming from. Maybe its from the "residents and taxpayers of Lansing" who supported and paid for Norm's latest full page ad in The Times. Or maybe ethics and integrity includes a trustee on the ticket that uses the Village website to blog about his experiences as a trustee and ideas he has.....but then extends that blog to bash the Progressive Party for taking a donation from a title loan company that received an F rating from the BBB. Funny thing about that is that company isn't registered with the BBB which is clearly stated when you click on the link. And who's the group that allowed mulitple businesses of that nature into this Village? But wait, I know- they passed an ordinance to not allow ANY MORE of those types of "predatory" businesses into Lansing so let's pat them on the back. Here's a tip for you Norm. Look up ETHICS and INTEGRITY in the might find it falls somewhere between your BS and LIES

    March 25, 2013 8:28 pm on Trotter backing Abbott for Lansing village president
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