1. Has anybody seen an application for Congress?????????? For someone who doesn't do a lot of work, the pay is very hard to turn down. Perhaps we need a referendum on the minimum wage for our national represenatives...... Let's talk Indiana.
    December 06, 2012 2:46 pm on I'm proud of Hoosier voters for renouncing Obama
  2. A typical response from a typical uninformed "Mitten" when will they all begin to face the reality that not all people who have a sense of reality realize that this country is not nor will it ever be the same when the so called privileged folk could run everything. Well for to long you did and see what that got us. The truth of the matter is this: Even though the true takers who did everything they could to stop this President from doing good in this country, things are still better than the eight years that W. had. In fact, how about this one, let the takers in house get paid the minimum wage and purchase their own health care for themselves and their family and then we could save even more money to get this country rebuilt. Oh yeah, and while they are at it, let's get the money back W. borrowed from SSI that hasn't been paid back yet and the shake down the Republican Congress did on the Post Office and continues to do along with paying for the 2 wars and sham of a Big Pharma Deal that a lot of them got healthy on. Once we do that, then come back and talk about who did what. Either way, we got 4 more years with Barak and just as the saying does: Hotdogs, Apple Pie and 4 more years of Barak. Love it or leave it!
    December 06, 2012 2:43 pm on I'm proud of Hoosier voters for renouncing Obama
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