Details for ARMOUR, 45D10-2001-MI-000003

STATE OF INDIANA COUNTY OF LAKE IN THE LAKE SUPERIOR COURT MARC ARMOUR a/k/a MARC ARNOUR, Plaintiff, v. JAMES MASSACAVOLLO a/k/a JAMES MASSA, AMERICAN HOUSING TRUST, a Trust established under the laws of the State of New York, SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK N/K/A BANK OF AMERICA, and UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Defendants. 45D10-2001-MI-000003 NOTICE OF HEARING ON MOTION TO SEEK QUIET TITLE COMES NOW, MARC ARMOUR A/K/A MARC ARNOUR, by Vis Law, LLC, by and through attorney Nathan D. Vis, and for the AMENDED MOTION TO QUIET TITLE does state as follows: 1. On or about March 14, 1989, Marc J. Armour purchased the property commonly known as 7522 Magnolia Street, Hammond, Indiana (Parcel No. 45-07-18-252-032.000-023, in conjunction with Jim R. Massacavollo, a/k/a James Massa via an Installment Contract for Real Estate from the Administrator of Veteran's Affairs, the United States of America. Installment Contract with VA numbered loan 26 40 21974 but appears to have not been recorded against the Property, and instead is titled to Security Pacific National Bank, N/K/A Bank of America. 2. On or about July 18, 1991, Marc Armour and James R. Massacavollo dissolved the partnership in which they owned real estate, agreeing to transfer the entire interest of 7522 Magnolia Street, Hammond, Indiana to Marc Armour. The legal description to the property is: LOT 25, BLOCK 2, WHITE OAK MANOR THE FIRST RE-DIVISION, IN THE CITY OF HAMMOND, AS SHOWN IN PLAT BOOK 21, PAGE 24, IN LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA 3. Since 1991, Marc Armour has paid any and all taxes, assessments, and other costs associated with the property. 4. Since 1991, Marc Armour has procured a mortgage against the property, which was subsequently released on or about 2008, known as Mortgage Loan No. 0104881321, held with Bank of America. 5. Since 1991, Marc Armor has leased the property to a variety of individuals, including necessitating the need to evict an individual as is reflected in the public record. 6. In 1991, upon agreeing to split the property with James R. Massacavollo, Marc Armor failed to record the Quit Claim deed prepared at that time - said Deed has not been preserved to this date. 7. Despite all of the above, the Property is titled to American Housing Trust IV, a trust established under the laws of New York in which Security Pacific National Bank, N/K/A Bank of America serves as the Trustee - and the Property must be titled to Marc Armor, as proper payments have been made purchasing same from the Administrator of Veteran's Affairs and Marc Armor is the sole owner. 8. The Heading of this affidavit contains the name of all potential entities or persons who may have a claim to the afore-stated property, as revealed to the owner and undersigned by a search conducted by Community Title Company. 9. So as to Quiet Title to any and all persons or entities who may claim any ownership in the above stated Property, to the exclusive right of Marc Armour, this Motion to Quiet Title, pursuant to Indiana Statute 32-30-3-14(d) is initiated. 10. A hearing is set for April 1, 2020, at 2:30, at Crown Point, Indiana, in Lake Superior Court, whereas all persons who claim an interest in the property must attend, to lay claim or object to this proceeding. Respectfully submitted, /s/ Nathan D. Vis NATHAN D. VIS Vis Law, LLC 2/11, 18, 25 -36240 -hspaxlp