Details for BILL FOR MAYOR - Ad from 2019-11-03

This Election is About Our Future
The Future of Our KIDS
Bill supports an elected school board and will lead us to that
end if public demand warrants. You deserve a more direct voice
in what happens in our public schools.

The Future of Our PARKS
Bill wants every neighborhood park to reach its full potential,
with well-maintained fields, courts, shelters, and restrooms.
Every Valpo family deserves access to FREE, safe, and walkable
green space near their homes to enhance our quality of life.

Bill will prioritize maintenance of sidewalks, streets, and sewers
in our most neglected neighborhoods right away. Neighborhoods
should not have to petition the city or apply for top-down grants
for basic city services.

Bill knows that YOU are what makes Valpo unique and authentic.
He is ready to serve everyone, especially those whose voices are
muted or ignored by the current power structure. Bill will look
for and listen to your voice.

“With your help on November 5, we’ll make sure City Hall
works for everyone, not just a well-connected few.
I humbly ask for your vote!”

Join the movement at

and connect with us on social media.

W W W. F O R T H E LO V E O F VA L P O . C O M
Paid for and authorized by Friends of Bill, Sue Durnell, Treasurer


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