Details for BILL FOR MAYOR - Ad from 2019-10-20

Paid for by Friends of Bill

I’m not a politician. But I am a leader.
I demonstrated this in my business career, where I built
a reputation for solving problems and improving systems.
I demonstrated this in my own neighborhood, where
I fought hard against institutional power when necessary
and worked with those powers to shape our place for
the better whenever possible.
I am ready not just to win; but to truly serve—to serve
those especially whose voices are muted or ignored by
the current Power Structure. I will look for and listen to
those voices.
I will work to strengthen our locally-owned businesses
so that more of the value created here stays here.
I will partner with neighborhoods and non-profits to
improve our communities from the bottom-up.
And I will pursue the kind of growth that is financially
productive for generations to come.
I humbly ask for your vote.
Join the movement at
and connect with us social media.

W W W. F O R T H E LO V E O F VA L P O . C O M
Paid for and authorized by Friends of Bill, Sue Durnell, Treasurer


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