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McColly Realtors Named Among America’s Best Real Estate Professional in 2021 Recently REALTrends®, a trusted source in residential brokerage, and Tom Ferry International, a top coaching and training company, released their annual 2021 REALTrends® + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list that included many McColly Real Estate Brokers. “I’m very proud of our REALTORS and how productive they are,” says Ronald McColly, who founded McColly Real Estate, the largest independent residential real estate company in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago Southland, and Central Illinois, in 1974. Those recognized by REALTRENDS this year are: Individual by Transaction Sides: Kelly White, McColly Real Estate Portage —68 Transactions Sandy Boyer, McColly Rosenboom Watseka—63 Transactions Julie Elisha, McColly Real Estate Portage —60 Transactions Brent Wright, McColly Real Estate Portage —60 Transactions Ed Del Real, McColly Real Estate Schererville —58.75 Transactions Paul Boyter, McColly Real Estate Chesterton—58.25 Transactions Medium Teams by Volume & Transaction Sides Lisa Grady Team, McColly Real Estate Schererville Ranked #8 with $50,589,060 in Sales Volume Ranked #13 with 179.5 in Transaction Sides Small Teams by Transaction Sides Winterroth Team, McColly Bennett Bourbonnais—131 Transaction Sides Jessica Kish Team, McColly Real Estate Schererville—85 Transactions Kyle Bowen Team, McColly Real Estate Schererville—82 Transactions Brenda Versnel Team, McColly Real Estate Winfield —80 Transaction Sides Beginning when she was a teenager, Brenda Versnel always loved helping friends remodel, organize and decorate. She was a stay at home mom with two daughters who moved to Indiana when her husband accepted a job at Bethlehem Steel. With her children grown, she was asked to work as an assistant in a real estate office. “I realized I could be a better assistant if I had my Real Estate license,” she says, who acquired her license in 2000 and started working at McColly ten years later. “The support at McColly helped me to concentrate on the more important issues I needed to dedicate my time to and help build my business with our team. My daughter, Samantha Parkhouse has been working with me for seven- plus years. After teaching second grade for ten years in Crown Point, she brought those organizational and negotiation skills to her Real Estate career. Iris Varlan has been on our team for eight years and is patient and dedicated to each of her clients. We like to say that we go the extra mile and pride ourselves in helping each family.” Initially an elementary school teacher, Lisa Grady became an agent/broker 15 years ago and started working for McColly Real Estate 11 years ago as an individual agent. She soon realized that as her business kept growing, she couldn’t keep up with all of her clients on her own. “So I decided to form a team of individuals who have the same goals and values that I do,” says Grady who grew up in Griffith and whose family has lived in Crown Point for almost 30 years now. “I wanted agents on my team that would represent my character and values when I could not be present. I have a wonderful group of agents that all work together to ensure the success of all of our clients. We understand that buying and selling can be incredibly stressful at times.” Grady credits her love of decorating, gardening and just a pure love of home and family as leading to a career where she can incorporate all her passions. “I feel very blessed and honored to be ranked by Real Trends and must give Ron McColly and all the McColly staff a huge shout out and express my gratitude for all they have done for me over the years. Many agents move to numerous companies throughout their careers. Ron McColly has a long-standing agent list and that says so much about the way he runs his company. I was fortunate to have my path cross with his many years ago.” Julie Elisha has been at McColly Real Estate since earning her license 11 years ago. Her background includes studying drafting and working for 11 years for her father, a land surveyor and developer, who built subdivisions in the area are important assets to her job, that taught her to see beyond the decorative aspects of the homes she sells. describe us. As a team of 3, we set out to be different, not bigger. How do we do this? We genuinely put our clients first. Because of this, we work almost exclusively with people we know, and referrals from friends, family, and past clients. It is truly our honor to be part of one of the most important moments in people’s lives and we make sure they feel that way from the beginning to end.” “I’m the kind of REALTOR who goes into attics and crawl spaces,” she says. “I know about quality, materials and construction. I can see if walls are bowed, if there’s water in places, if the house is set too low. I always say to my customers it’s easy for a home to look pretty but it’s more important to look at the bones of a home.” “We as a team are very involved in our communities. Volunteering both time and money, sponsoring sports teams and various other kids programs and serving on boards and committees for local non for profit organizations.” We truly love what we do and we strive to never forget how lucky we are be trusted to be part of one of the biggest transactions of someone’s life. Elisha says neither the number of homes she sells nor their price matters to her. “Whether it’s $100,000 home or higher, to me it’s all about integrity and about the clients,” she says. Becoming a REALTOR was a natural for Kelly White. Her mother owned a real estate company and her father was a builder. White worked for Willow Creek Lumber until they closed. Kyle Bowen began his real estate career in 2017 after transitioning from a coaching career in trampoline gymnastics which brought him all the way to the Olympic Games in 2016. “I did not know much about real estate or how my previous career in coaching and gym ownership would benefit me in a real estate career. Luckily, being a real estate agent is very much about running your own business. Further, running your own team is much like managing employees which I had previous experience with when I was running my own trampoline training facility in New Jersey.” “There were no computers, no faxes, no Multiple Listing Service, no lock boxes—if you were going to show a house, you had to go to the real estate company that was handling the sale, pick up the key, drive to the home, take your clients through it and then drive back to the listing office to return the key. That certainly has changed, as adding the most up-to-date technology is part of McColly’s mantra. At first, he was nervous because he did not grow up in the midwest and he did not have the contacts and roots that lead to a large sphere of influence – He would have to find different ways to drum up business. “I am so pleased with McColly and the training mentor program we have because through this program, I was able to learn how to convert the relationships I already had into clients and future transactions.” “I think my personality fits the real estate profession in a way I did not expect. When people think of Realtors, they often think of someone who “sells” them a home and writes contracts. In reality, this idea only scratches the surface of what I feel we provide to our clients. It is our job to guide our buyers and sellers through what will probably be the biggest financial transaction of their lives, from preapproval and listing all the way through to closing. Personally, I have always disliked the opinion that a real estate agent is a sales person. That idea gives potential buyers and sellers the false impression that we are not looking out for their best interests because we are trying to make a sale or take a piece of their profit through our commissions. Therefore, I always try to reassure my buyers and sellers that I am there to guide them through the buying and selling process more so than I am there to sell them something. I think that mindset has helped me earn my clients trust leading to many successful transactions over the past few years.” “Then I got my license and started working for my mom in 1986,” says White, noting that much has changed in the real estate business since then. “We put a lot of effort in making sure our agents have what they need to grow their business and continue for long term success.” said Lionel Sanchez, McColly’s Marketing Director. “You can do a lot more business with technology,” agrees White. “But you have to make sure that you don’t lose rapport with your clients. It’s important to have that personal touch. My clients are like my family. I now am selling homes to the grandkids of my clients. It really is like family. I enjoy being a REALTOR so much, that I get up each day happy to go to work.” Lisa Grady Julie Elisha Brent Wright Jessica Kish Kelly White Brenda Versnel Paul Boyter Kyle Bowen Brent Wright, who has worked as a REALTOR for McColly for the past decade, says he’s never seen a real estate market like the current one. “It’s so busy,” he says, noting that a lack of housing inventory means many homes get sold quickly after being put on the market and often get multiple offers at the asking price or even higher. “It’s partly because interest rates are so low and also because more people are working remotely, they recognize they don’t need to live in a big city like Chicago. They can get more home for their money in one of the very nice communities we have here in Northwest Indiana.” Wright has always been a go-getter, starting a small online business when he was 19 that specialized in aftermarket automotive lighting and bought his first home a year later with the idea of flipping real estate. It wasn’t until five years later, in 2010 that he attended the McColly School of Real Estate and earned his REALTOR license. “I learned so much there,” he says. He’s proud at being ranked in RealTrends® America’s list of best agents but says what he loves most about his job is being able to help people successfully navigate major changes. “Whether they’re buying or selling, I’m helping them through a hard transition,” he says. Jessica Kish Joined McColly Real Estate with her team in beginning of 2020 and has made a huge impact from the start. “Kind, consistent, and honest is how people paid advertorial Ed Delreal