Details for PINES VILLAGE - Ad from 2020-10-16

Lou, Resident living where your values, connections, and friendships count. Pines Village Retirement Communities embraces your independence with a "village-style" approach to retirement D1<1A#E @)B,1A# %B=>,1+CE $BF131D1+CE @((@,+>A1+1B% *@, %@=1/D1!/+1@AE &+AB%%E /A? =@A+1A>B? DB/,A1A#" 0@> =4@@%B +4B %(/=B /A? D1*B%+CDB +4/+ ;@,.% *@, C@>E / :/1A+BA/A=B2*,BB =@++/#B @, paired-home at the Meridian Woods Campus, or an easygoing apartment at the Pines Village Campus. 7@@. *@, C@>,%BD* @, BA6@C ,B%+/>,/A+2%+CDB ?1A1A# @A2%1+B" 8,1, =/, @, +/.B /?%B% /,B D@=/+B? 1A -/D(/,/1%@E *B/+>,B >A1G>B /:BA1+1B% /A? %B,<1=B%" '1AB% -1DD/#B ,B%1?BA+% 4/#4 @>, 4@:B 4B/D+4 =/,B /#BA=C" Availability at both campuses, call for more info. 219-465-1591 1A*@5(1AB%<1DD/#B"@,# PINESVILLAGE .ORG PINESVILLAGE VALPO PINESVILLAGE