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Jewel of Northwest Indiana St. John iS a Shining example of Smart management and community involvement Founded in 1837, the quaint town named for pioneer John Hack has grown to become the jewel of Northwest Indiana. With low property taxes, high assessed values, low government debt, awards for town safety and great schools, St. John has garnered the well-earned recognition as the ultimate place to live in Northwest Indiana. Value Recognition “Excellent police and fire protection.” Several national organizations have recognized the smart, steady growth of St. John. In the last 10 years, the town has garnered 16 awards for safety, best place to live, best place to buy a home, and best place to raise a family. The more recent awards include: • Third best community in the state (HomeSnacks, 2019) • Third safest city in the state (FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2019) • The No. 1 safest city in the state (Safewise, 2018) • Second safest city in the state (National Council for Home Safety, 2018) • Best place to live in Northwest Indiana (Reader’s Choice Award, 2017) Whether it’s growing families in search of more space, empty nesters wanting to downsize, or millennials ready to plant their roots, their checklists are fully satisfied in St. John. “I think St John is a beautiful and safe neighborhood with lots of potential.” Town Council President Mark Barenie shared St. John’s pristine credit rating with the Town Council in February. “Our AA/Stable rating from Standard & Poor’s is reflective of our solid financial position,” he said. “We have earned this very high rating annually since 2014. With a cash balance of more than $20 million, St. John has created a stable foundation that is unmatched.” “Quiet, safe.” That strong financial position allows St. John to offer residents the second lowest corporate tax rate of the 17 communities in Lake County. To give put that in perspective, St. John’s rate is 0.4965 per $100 of assessed value, and the average for Lake County is $1.2581 per $100 – almost two-thirds less. “Family oriented” “We are very proud to be able to share that outstanding news with our homeowners,” said Town Councilwoman Rose Hejl. “It’s comforting to our residents when they know that their property values continue to increase in part because of the town’s fiscal responsibility.” While St. John is the 11th most populated municipality of the 17 in Lake County, it holds the highest median income and median home value. The median income tops $96,000, and the median home value is more than $260,000. “Those statistics translate into value for our homeowners,” said Councilwoman Libby Popovic. “People make serious investments in our community and need to see that their investment is a wise choice for their family,” said Barenie. “The steady growth of their property values is one way that they can recognize the value of living in St. John.” “Quality of homes.” “Large lots.” The town issued 323 housing permits in 2018, data that back up Barenie’s statement. St. John also boasts a 98 percent owner-occupied housing statistic that is tops in Lake County. “Our emphasis on owner-occupied homes provides residents with a significant level of comfort and security,” Hejl said. “The recognition that our town receives from national organizations is very gratifying,” Barenie said. “These awards are an objective way for homeowners to see that their investments are getting a solid return.” Emotional investments are also a high priority for families. “Parents want to know they made a wise choice of where to raise their children,” said Popovic. “When they can go online and view safety recognitions from national organizations, they feel better about the safety of their children. And they should, because we emphasize family values in all of our decisions.” Since 2003, St. John has added 10 full-time firefighter/paramedics to the 40 volunteers/paid-on-call staff to provide the outstanding service that residents count on to protect their families. “We also purchased a new fire truck in 2018 and added a new ambulance,” Hejl said. The fire department also added new tools and monitors in 2018 to provide firefighters with everything they need. Barenie emphasized that full-time firemen are certified paramedics, providing residents with advanced life support ambulance service. “Great schools.” Furthermore, St. John is home to many of Indiana’s top-rated public and private schools. Five elementary schools rank 7/10 or higher, and Clark Middle School earned a 7/10 ranking, according to GreatSchools. Lake Central High School boasts a 9/10 ranking, providing students with the education they need in today’s competitive world. “As a growing town, we are cognizant of the need for a Human Resources department and are working toward developing one for all St. John employees,” Popovic said. “The town has also created additional job opportunities for many residents, including the police department, fire department and public works.” “Big backyard” St. John is a combination of quaint neighborhoods with high property values, great schools, and national recognition for safety and security. The jewel is shining brightly, with a future equally brilliant. R3 C1 C2 7% 1% 6% I 2% OP 13% R2 34% P 5% R1 32%

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