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Call Clear ear 934-9747 M i s s i n g Pa rt o f t h e ((( Conversation? ))) Mis Turn in und erst and in peo g ple g the TV radio or up ar high e h t o n Can sounds d e h c t pi 1 5 2 6 7 3 ple to o e p g s Askin emselve h tt repea 8 4 HEARINg TEsT FREE CAPTION Phone. No Purchase Necessary be stressful, with our 24 years of experience Clear Ear will take the time to explain all your options so you and your family will feel comfortable in choosing the hearing aid that works for you. *CLEAR EAR’S Hearing Evaluation/Consultation is used to determine if you are a candidate for a Hearing Aid. Buy One Get One Free BATTERIEs Call Clear Ear (219)-934-9747 According to a recent study by the Better Hearing Institute, better hearing keeps people socially active and can improve: *Not good with any other offer or prior orders. Limit 1 per person. Must have coupon present at time of purchase. Does not apply to Rechargeable Batteries. • • • • Relationships Sense of Humor Self-Confidence Mental, emotional & physical health • Cognitive skills, & much more. Current Hearing Aid: Not working? Weak? Not Loud Enough Use Too Many Batteries? g lo n i k a udly Difficu lti teleph es on the one Prob l envi ems in n ronm o ents isy *Not good with any other offers/specials. The price reflects all discounts/rebates and PD deductables/upgrade packages/technology package available at an extra cost. Ask Clear Ear for details. LOOKINg FOR THE LATEsT IN TECHNOLO TECHNOLOgY? Choose The Hearing Aid Center Chosen Best By The Region! WE HAVE THE sOLUTIONs! Call 219-934-9747 for an appointment Plans accePted Spe ear At Clear Ear, we offer FACTORY DIRECT! good old fashion Off customer service 60% MSRP with affordable NEW Digital Hearing Technology. HEARING AIDS Choosing a hearing aid can FREE Insurances i ng i g Rin ead or h e n th Mittal/Inland • Aetna • Blue Cross/Anthem • USX, Highmark • In Carpenters • Sheetmetal • Locals & Unions • Hearing Care Solutions • Nationals • United Health • True Hearing • LET US CHECK YOUR NEW INSURANCE SUPPLEMENT Clear Ear ® 827 W. 45th Ave • Griffith (across from CVS Drugs) 219-934-9747 Locally Owned and Operated. 24 years in business Loving Our Customers & Their Ears For Over 24 Years! 6 Months same as cash with care credit. H.A.D. Audioprosthologist Monday - Thursday 9:30 to 4 • Friday 9:30am-4pm • Saturdays/Sundays, Evening, Nursing Home & In-Home Appointments Available.

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