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Pepper Ridge in Valparaiso Hyperbole – or Validity? Pepper Ridge really is a special property. Looking west from the ridge behind Pepper Ridge Road, you can see nearly a half mile down the Pepper Creek Valley – the hills, the creek and surrounding wetlands, back-dropped by mature trees - it’s not hyperbole to say that there are only a few places with views like this in and around Valpo. That ridge we mentioned also provides the opportunity to do full walk-out or day-light basements - half of the lots in our Pepper Ridge development have that potential. We took great care to “respect the land” in our development processes here, fitting the streets and drainage-ways into the land instead of bulldozing the land into submission; avoiding wetlands, and saving trees wherever we could. You’ll even have to look hard to find our storm-water management systems – we integrated them into the landscape in such a way that they seem to be part of the natural environment (instead of a big wet hole in the ground.) That being said, there’s an aphorism that goes like this: “Different Strokes for Different Folks.” And not everyone needs (or wants) a full walk-out basement, as that means there is a WHOLE LOT OF HOUSE – and not everyone needs that much house. So, at Pepper Ridge, we’ve developed two different types of homes – the RIDGE HOMES with full, mostly walkout basements, and our COTTAGE HOMES – similar (although slightly smaller) plans, all on one level. Same neighborhood, same character and details, same type of home – simply right-sized, allowing you to personalize and realize your forever-dream home. A word about those homes: It’s almost hard for me to realize that we’ve been building homes for folks in and around Valpo for almost a half-century. Somehow, pretty much by accident, it turns out that over that period of time, we’ve been Porter County’s largest builder. That was never a goal – I was never interested in being a “Big Builder.” My goal always was to be a builder that created homes and neighborhoods of extraordinary livability and value. That same goal entails that we’ve clearly communicated what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it. And if we’ve done that well, then we simply have to “execute” – do what we said we’re going to do. Sounds easy; but if we actually said it was easy – well, THAT would be hyperbole. And while I sold my business to my employees this last year, it’s still my name on the door. For more than 20 years, Ron, Carol, Eric, Kelly, Tina and Kandyce have carried the load – and they continue the tradition of integrity that’s been the hallmark of the Coolman name for all these years. A tradition that includes: Customer Service Attention to detail Product knowledge Thoughtful home designs Total customization Master Craftsmen Intense Process Management Transparency So then – is calling Pepper Ridge “special” actually hyperbole? Well, the only way you’ll be able to judge is to come out this weekend for our Grand Opening to view our model homes and enjoy a special designer dessert. We’re open Saturday and Sunday for the next three weekends of September, from 12-4pm & weekdays Tuesday – Friday 1 – 4 PM Or you can call us @ 219-464-7510. Private appointments are available at your convenience. Pepper Ridge is located on County Road 375 N., between Froberg Road and IN St. Rd. 130, on the northwest side of Valpo. Google Maps: 179 W. 375 N. Valparaiso, 46385 Paid Advertisement

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