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#HASHTAGS EVERYWHERE Q: I see hashtags being used everywhere and don’t really understand them. Why are they important? A: Hashtags rule social media and make the experience much smoother. By including a hashtag to your post, you create a way for the user to find your posts more easily. Also, you can carry it over to your other forms of advertising as a way to help people find you or your ad campaigns on social media. To add a hashtag in a social post, you simply add the ‘#’ sign before a single word or phrase without spaces or punctuation. By doing so, anyone who searches for that hashtag may find your post on the respective social media. Or they may find it if it’s part of a trending hashtag. Trending means a large group of users are posting or searching that specific hashtag. Some businesses create a hashtag for a product or service they provide, in attempt to brand themselves to that item. For example, McDonalds is known for using hashtags to promote new menu items, such as when they launched all day breakfast. Users across the world were posting about it, ending each post with #alldaybreakfast. Some businesses create hashtags to promote events. The Super Bowl is a perfect example of an event for which you will see hashtag trending. Many businesses will attempt to capitalize on its popularity by using it in their posts, since so many will be searching by that hashtag. On a smaller level, you could use it for your own event here locally. Recently, I attended a workshop on social media called Social Summit. They had a live Twitter feed at the front of the room and asked attendees to tweet any interesting take-aways, followed with the hashtag, #SocialSummit. It gave attendees a hashtag to go back and search for takeaways later, while giving the company visibility to anyone not in attendance. Brilliant! Though it has become a part of everyday vernacular, hashtags aren’t everywhere. The following popular social media networks currently use functional hashtags: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumbler, Pinterest, YouTube & Vine. Finally, I want you to know that Amplified offers a product that helps you manage all your social media accounts across one accessible, user-friendly dashboard. Don’t have time to make posts daily? worries, we’ll do it for you! Social Media Marketing could easily be a full-time job, but don’t make that hire. It’ll be cheaper to just call me. Eric Xidis Digital Elite Account Executive 219-730-9483

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