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Dust In Your Home?? Clean Your Ducts! GET GET READY READY FOR FOR $ 99 air DuCt Cleaning SUMMER SUMMER DISCOUNTS! DISCOUNTS! 1 WHOLE HOUSE SPECIAL We have your A/C Repair covered. air conditionErS Starting at $ 2195 $299.9 5 value While Supplies Last installed. 10 year warranty PaCkage inCluDes: all suPPly, return, anD Main DuCts to any single FurnaCe with CoMPlete systeM insPeCtion t Poin we Clean everything 8 1 Free Check go aheaD ask the CoMPetitors what they inCluDe. aC Call for Details. 7-31-19 710 E. 65th Ave., Unit F Schererville, IN 46375 Call for Details. 7-31-19 96% EfficiEncy carriEr furnacE starting at $ 2695 carriEr furnacE and ac PackagES installed Call for Details. 7-31-19 starting at 3995 $ 100% FREE In Home Estimates! 59 $ CALL Precision AC Clean & Check Call for Details. 7-31-19 carriEr 96% furnacE With ac PackagE installed 10 year warranty starting at 4995 $ installed. 10 year warranty 0% financing for 24 mos. Call for Details. 7-31-19 Call for Details. 7-31-19 WE IN 219-237-8002 • IL 708-568-0011 FINANCE

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