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BIG OR SMALL YOU NEED TO CALL 811 BEFORE YOU DIG AT LEAST 2 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE IT’S FAST. IT’S FREE. IT’S THE LAW. WHY CALL 811? • It’s the first step in any project. When you call 811, your local utilities will mark their underground lines so you can dig safely. • It’s fast. It only takes a couple minutes. Visit 811NOW.COM or call 811 two business days before you dig. • It’s free. The call and service cost nothing and can save you from expensive fines and repairs. • It’s for everyone. Whether you are a DIY person or professional contractor or landscaper, you always need to call 811. • It’s the law. You’ll help prevent gas and utility damages to keep us all safe. State law requires you to hand dig or use non-mechanized equipment within 24 inches of any flags or markings. A NiSource Company

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