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LocaL open Houses
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EllEndalE Farms • ThE ashEr

open saturdays 12-3pm
2619 sq. ft., 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3 car garage
848 Highlands Dr., Crown Point

EEnigEnburg buildErs

luxury TownhomEs

402 waterforD CirCle soutH, sCHererville
loCateD on 77tH between austin & Cline
open tues, Wed, tHurs, fri & sat 11-4

armani dEVEloPmEnT, inC

ThE mEadows oF TimbErland
open saturday & sunday 12pm-4pm
4 HeartlanD Drive, valParaiso

nardo builders
nick scalise 219-406-3722

summEr winds

saLes office open sat 11-4
to view a finisHeD moDel visit: 402
waterforD CirCle soutH, sCHererville
(on 77tH b/w austin & Cline) oPen tues, weD,
tHurs, fri , sat 11-4 or Call for aPPt.

Armani development, inc

sTonEbridgE EsTaTEs

open sat & sun 12:30-4:30pm or By appt.
1037 willowbrook Drive, sCHererville.

Precision Construction
(219) 924-0044/

dEEr ridgE

open By appointment
12835 baker Court, Crown Point

sTEinEr homEs

ThE PrEsErVE • ThE CadEnCE

open sat & sun 12-3pm, or By appointment
9800 tall Grass trail, st. JoHn
2750 sq ft, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3 car garage
ss Professional appliances included!

VaTEr ConsTruCTion

Look inside for more open
houses from coolman
communities, steiner Homes
and Heartland Builders


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