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savor the journey Toast & Jam is a little off the beaten path, but this boutique breakfast/lunch café is a delightful destination When Sam Cappas decided to take over the old Kelsey’s Steakhouse building in 2014, he had a vision for his soon-to-be boutique café. He had plenty of confidence in his skills and passion and believed the time to create his dream had arrived. He had just one nagging concern – location. The building is on 73rd Avenue, frequently referred to as Old U.S. Hwy. 30, in Schererville. “It’s not exactly on the corner of Main Street,” Sam said with a grin. “I was a little worried about whether or not people would go out of their way to give us a try.” The trip turned out to be no problem. The type of person who enjoys a jaunt off the beaten path is the perfect patron for Toast & Jam café. The innovative menu is as much of a new journey as is the two-lane road on which it resides. A leisurely drive through the menu delights hungry wanderers with creations not found at your typical restaurant. Where else can you find breakfast appetizers, scrumptious bites of dough-nuggets sprinkled with cinnamon sugar? How about homemade mini loaves of blueberry and banana bread served with butter and their own homemade jams? And that’s before you order one of the many hearty breakfast entrees. “When I was a teenager working at my grandfather’s restaurant in East Chicago, I was encouraged to experiment with recipes, spices, and other ingredients,” Sam said. “My grandparents, and later my parents, were very supportive of my journey in the kitchen.” Sam’s concoctions are unique takes on standard recipes. It’s his way of making his mark as well as offering patrons a different road on their culinary journey. Peruse the menu, and you’ll find offerings such as oatmeal with coconut, Craisins, and Granny Smith apples. Baked Banana Bread oatmeal is as incredible as the name implies. Breakfast parfaits give an innovative take on yogurt. You’ll find omelets with asparagus, real crab, and pulled pork. How about a skillet with black beans and chorizo? Oreo pancakes appeal to the kid in everyone. Breakfast tacos and poblano casserole, the list of delicious creativity goes on. Wine, beer, and cocktails are available. “We spend extra money to purchase Grade No. 1 or Grade A ingredients,” Sam said. “We never buy less than the best, because we never serve less than our very best. Our patrons deserve a meal that is worth the trip.” The name Toast & Jam is a play on Sam’s passion for music. Stroll the café, and you’ll find music-themed art throughout. “I was a DJ in my salad days,” Sam said. “Music is an important part of my life, and I want to share it with those who drop in and visit.” Sam’s decision to not play it safe has worked out beyond his dreams. In 2018, Toast & Jam won The Times Best of the Region as Best Place for Brunch, Best Family Restaurant, and Best Breakfast. Not too shabby for an out-of-the-way café. The journey is far from over. Sam has big plans for Toast & Jam. He has expanded to include the Jam Room, which can serve 80 guests with a private bar and a large-screen presentation TV. Around the next corner will be the Celebration Room for larger parties. Take a leisurely drive down the back roads to Toast & Jam Breakfast and Lunch café. You’ll find it’s well worth the trip. Remember to savor the journey and see you soon. B r E A K FA s T & L u N C H C A F é 7311 Mallard Ln. Schererville, IN [219] 769.0000 Hours Mon-Friday 7am-3pm Saturday & Sunday 6am-3pm ToasTandJamCafe

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