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Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. located at 238 Kennedy Ave., Schererville, is excited to announce a revolutionary new way to transform an older patio or pool surround with less cost than demolishing and removing the concrete. The solution is to overlay a sound concrete surface with outdoor porcelain pavers, which are similar to indoor porcelain tiles but are thicker and more durable. Outdoor porcelain pavers are easy to clean and are stain-, skid- and frostresistant. Dean said lack of adequate compaction often comes into play in new construction and wants to raise awareness among new home buyers. “Municipalities don’t regulate the quality of hardscape installation and you won’t know if it’s been done incorrectly until something fails,” he said.“We use a proprietary method on new home construction to prevent settling.” Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping is certified to install hardscapes according to Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute guidelines, to ensure a sound surface.The company has won numerous local and national awards for their work. According to owner Dean Savarino, Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping has its finger on the pulse of what is new and trending in the industry. “In older homes it’s hard to move the concrete and you can’t install a typical thick paver over it. If it’s a home with a pool and we remove the concrete surround, we would have to pull out the old pool liner. That’s a very expensive process,” said Dean.“Porcelain pavers can be used to resurface the existing concrete and is a big savings.There is also a new adhesive that bonds the porcelain extremely tight.” Dean added that porcelain paversare available in a variety of styles including stone-look, marblelook and wood-look, and come in planks and large modular shapes. Dean’s Garden Center stocks a variety of backyard hardscape options in addition to porcelain pavers, including new Rochester concrete, and Belgard pavers They also offer clients virtual designs to plan their outdoor space. While the quality and variety of product at Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping is important, Dean also emphasized the company’s highly skilled design and installation. “When hardscapes became popular, many landscape companies began to include the products and the service. However, installing a hardscape is really more like construction than landscaping and has to be implemented so that the patio and retaining walls are sound,” Dean noted.“The base material must be compacted first before installing the pavers. If you don’t allow enough time to compact, there may be settling and dips in the surface, causing the patio and retaining walls to fail. It’s important to do it the right way the first time to avoid the expense of repair later. Consistency, quality workmanship and customer service are paramount, and Dean said the way to ensure integrity in construction is to employ the best staff. In fact, many of Dean’s employees have been with the company for over 20 years and everyone is highly skilled and knowledgeable. This is the second season for Licensed Landscape Architect Eric Tharp.The Northwest Indiana native earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Ball State University and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has earned many awards and previously served as a landscape designer and a senior landscape architect for companies that serve the north suburbs such as Naperville and Hinsdale Illinois. Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping recently hired a new addition to the Garden Center, Bob Benham. Dean said the Highland resident has quickly become a valuable member of the team, and enjoys working outdoors while at work and at home. Returning to the Garden Center this year is Paul Kowalski. Paul has been with Dean’s for a number of years, and is a wealth of knowledge as it relates to all manner of plants and trees. Established 34 years ago, Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping is a full-service landscape company servicing Northwest Indiana and Chicago land and is known for using the same quality and detail in the smaller jobs they take on, as they implement in their larger jobs. “Our list of satisfied clients includes homeowners, small businesses and complex commercial properties, and we are proud to provide excellent service to them all,” said Dean. For more information on Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping and the Garden Center, visit or call (219) 864-9078.

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