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On her diagnosis the Kassar scheduled br a calming ard d “He had to move forw ” she receiveed in disbelief, Dr. procedures and including he told me attitude. the winter, and my tics him, a positive ily sick during and was , fam nts es. Antibio his sympand to have was no responsibili- suffering sinus issu my appointme Drew and wore off, like the main ted was as there of they an “I felt trea Shah. n as One act “We cancer. always ed, but whe ,” said Dr. rred, rney is to In 2013, progress history of frightened,” I what help s resolved c again. of an atto and recu But tom argi ties t. nt er leth tme their clien he felt ily physician “But then the canc es,” said shocked and needed a trea advocate for the advocate needs er with our t to a fam “I e prioriti n Rhed wen ed to conf prescribed ists of she said. was the best wer an. “His approach happens whe sterton atical. He was , but be- and I need which cons cate? Che for a phys o rm or Board, s.” joint pain his own advo Rhed found himdoctor wh – who would Fu focused, and he the Tum ething for and colleague w t olconcerned, r doctors when som torney Dre was was d an aggressive thwest Onc ial- othe of the bes situation e Rhed was d a spec t of Nor that very had caus ere my life. I ende y, in Mos he ord mm trained in rap for self se, t r figh mothe Of cour doctor reco Reich, a Munster icians were Dr. Kassa became ill. n of che nitoring ding Dr. to h strongest ogy’s phys he pla his inclu Keit , had rred as Dr. n he itals ogy refe mo tche ected has ist. Chicago hosp e from Rush Unihis wife Gre west Oncol y.” ologist, susp and nurse and constantly rred a mat is refe cam rheu ns She at North t. (now who Shah reactio he needed proponen my journe - Shah, ’s Disease Center. Dr. tuwledge, but with Poly d Wegener and began ted seeing my gress. ity Medical next medical kno who coul nulomatosis h told vers star case at the to as Gra re advocate “I 5. pro icians ented his that science ). “Dr. Reic th issue a healthca all the phys itis or GPA October 201ely us and pres of his heal “I learned rapy is board, and tment in Dr. angi could be very serio to the root Janette in trea it mor the get rem a d mo ext foun ted,” sed an devi me it be trea it. He n of che Dr. Kassar collectively and treat She was est Oncolin remissio ever, it can healthy for a secfatal; how plex. and Northw ew has been and worked also went plan. “Dr Neel Shah active other comtinually analyzed the Rhed. “I e years. We no Clinic in said o h thre ster. to wit May Mun earthe con at the ogy in the 51-y - for two dinated with individual adjusted e blems,” ond opinion and pro ta, but real with him and coor his early 30s, e best ned lts neso the Sinc plai resu Min rov e imp lly just to get him medical rienced unex some- Rochester, r doctors treated loca Kassar. “W y cancer micals to He never d be othe old has expe d “An este che Dr. h. coul had said Dr. Sha that sugg of y. ized I Reich.” care,” said progress. symptoms that she e his bod at by a team well by Dr. ily summer amiss insid and my be looked identified like I was y” Rhed as on a fam thing was n case will Northwest Oncolog ast mass hen th man, treated me r patient In 2014, and healthy ill and whe raa large bre ors at A very fit Marathon, Rhed fell chemothe anothe a up in doct my Chicago vacation, said that rol e, ended biopsied it.” had Triple just Dr. Shah in for ran in the difficulty maintainrned hom while to cont t. He was hos- py worked for a un- he retu trea a coming program. He was Furman soon had room the was cy but cer, re d then rgen can ne. The er, and the eme with bloo breast outiine t weekly Rhed’s canc ched to methotrexlts-driven ing his rout r running, and he tha Negative for 22 days e ery resu lized typ surg afte ive ays resand had t was swit body pita usual pain very aggressected in some alw explained what he taxed his immunosupp had a men s in his legs an over clot is d also h d he’ ’t I whic thought stents. Rhe race. “It didn was also det nodes. Due and doing and why. d that ate, to insert ingg for the arin have h suggeste epar ph sant. in prep I never contreatments because noscopy whic ure, was of her lym e to me, but y or removal nothing, but ss,” colo place “Lymphoma ressive nat a trusted him thcoming make sens are moving a colectom due to illne g to the best Scan found noted this he needed to its agg While at the really changed. We rtha it was taken you’re goin r was for I was getssa sidered that chemothe his colon. r ordered al of ght Ka thed ssa being well he t desk like ic ition rm Nor thou part Ka Dr. of just info Dr. from trad that you’re a at the fron Shah from “We can PAID ADV a combis microscop he said. “I image and kept me was on to away t, to Kin smiles and ital, Dr. Dr. Shah. ERTISEM to unotherapy, test can mis consulted im- men in- hosp I whole-body t in her liver and thwest ENT they all have ice,” care of,” said apy to imm ting old.” u want ology was rapy and qualify for to where care at Nor serv of blood and Debbie, west Onc chemothe that lized use s,” thof cells. “Yo there are no le trying to sual ide ona on Nor beca drug Whi found a spo firmed to be as path. When things unu in eted r pers ts. nati all the prov uate Drew d had an rapy, or targ red to 10 and offe y, right here ts need int ke sure my ey set up e as I al blood coun wife eval othe olog tha ma nce, Rhe “Th itiv orm His Onc s mun . d. that was con sura abn pos mpa tien cell as ic the con” “Pa h. “Co h review Rhed note a blood draw or to be clots and . were not Kassar never a thoroug microscop prevent the ts; they have west Indiana. they need a doctor said Dr. Sha e and more drugs reading on ed did doct men cancerous h a zing and lain oint Sha see ama Dr. but to r exp e Dr. e his 30s ago, mor mellyy non- app done. It’s xtreeme volvement, pressed him remain, to recurring,”” h is extr “Dr. Kassa in a way hoped, he was totally ts years ding a bon of his records sinc and get it loped for Sha s, coun inclu deve Dr. Dr tact d her her, m ns ns. w .” asto me e up; his bloo e runs thatt liste have been tested furt he also lisfought ma, so Dre cancer fro is was the physician thatt tha my cancer understand,” gav how that offic pointed out tha notigced that for some time and ’s Lympho geable, but n, d izin “Th w test. The s andspe bloo aged and cial ld prognosis.” marrow low A can te knowled e Hodgkin k “Hands dow er he said. Dr. Shah Dr ptom ioner tried to and said eng harder for me. His that I cou had been cer diaI y is fortuna have a bon has a much bett said Rhed. ctit his sym one’stha e to thinby t he and an. “He sess his staff and n r tened,” ely athic ed him to est Oncolog wo eded pra activeop me that b third tim rld up gn s thw Nor ng Rhed’s toldwh brilliance, can tur y resources at thei Dr. Shah is a gift. He, .” r osi said Furm develop a eve ts, andhom s encolurag personaliztest resu esullts at ha each othe draw sid sy, somethi the box,’ “Dr. Shah e todohave n lita llent e d wil erience, e of bloodcar d. inA seriestive y times be seeing ppens wh level of ring cliniwn, man icall marrow biop ‘outside gica nyoffe tice are exce receive visit he would cifically for exp determination wer of tes d. “He en tw to had requested man h sus- are going to are,” fou t coding help him.integra h his prac she lswife s,buinclu rked biolog r ed that lRhe rmation, ts, Sha at the saidndRhe o too spe ma ertip info show lon inc e g Dr. can nt e fing and my time Sha Th ura car only lud osc sam mor ma. usin s d is life eas. ing For op , treatme area s lym sur and wille time?trialcer videin nat over a year scapho biopsi or call utt t goes afte success. Dr. he had no for a long ouat long s for proine” various ar hou nage r atM n andprofies me the roa an ma l scena cal ouggho s redible.” es, india for Na reapart ts ears as ogyi s, without “Throu rderlline” RI, onco mawde therapy tha .” muno iate a esso ncollogy rio pla an to patien PETconas “border nty Stry!” me and told have its ups inc er four month said I’d have Thanretir to six year emenc therap they all sideed a malignancy help four alsoyed affilhave aand scan,nwoa CA8178 T seq . kfully, ting. The uzik is uld Aft Shah’s tme with ity portcan and924tw journey, icall or the next butntat pect risk factors for clot uencing y and next the mutation biologgica sedwa of Dy vers treaor, ins o we she 219rapy, Dr. welcome,For ahead wo - be at Dr. theisphquit had erten e plea ed, all “Wh er.Uni ysicia genera Dr.r can of gen s ofs. my sestreferr Indiana see a doct feel he ’t cer chemothe e back posi said. ek ague Re ed ds othe the wi d saidwe edd didn tion Oral to es. notblee me andthw st On carRhe row test cam atnsNor ” d nose feel and downs.” cer is the of staff at feredwith to his colle want todia with Rhe gnosis,” thin surgeocently, Nanc ” ives cts, colog lope noticed rece bone mar was able on r t, deve diagnosed Kier, y in M who North canc orttaable and shaone y saw n le un she on nayou red poineffe the care he Nanc d to seacomfor peop tion therapy White Rhed was Breast can n form Kassa appeared to be bute tati the ma. y, a breast n have and r. m ste attri co mu pho colog and a ga wh you y ssa ofte tive, sai “Fro log r. first at No o jus the in- Dr. y in’s Lym mo ology. d she fel inist h heKa cer er treathich they rthwest rman, Chica ist at the strointestin felt for, and we noted. “I whic cripple a time scheduled non-Hodgk WhenFu t a lum t turned rest in Onc bre or adm a drug for most com in women, can rare d her breast. go a inte gies. al On of Unive ast bloo As in . big he cer the aller wh The 62 a my g use in M p in day, can , en no take mo rsi win took tes perthis t I l to eigh a hug,” she and thasona with the oved t to ro stectomy said gram, ay 2018. Af her right plete turmo my life wa ts. “In be t to worry abbreast surgeo ty of “Drt. Shah said Rhed. of cancer than 250,000 gro r ten ma app d. ssa go,” d A d sed erne the Ka pas s getult il, ease ter mu cau FD ere er n ou in crea conc en rasound Kina her pri said a mamch eas t the bre he comse the me of her s.” from the empow cer that is ma parldt ofte with more es annually Wh be wou ast cancer. n get me a l beca the procesand his wife her to mary care , and biopsy the peop ier,” said Na de my life added tha cancer is go ast now performed, cas he d can move to es wil, Rheshe Stage 4 bre see physicia le was part of r attribut , nc oncolog t the ga ne. Nanc diagnosed “Only 10 to was west On Dr. Neel n sent Chicago we at the Un y. “Even is that what er for man started taking; In addition y ssa ist called strointes and She Ka Sh . ned . co ive me life ah Dr. re U.S lear n’s logy. Sh rsity of nt pla r in at North quickly impre Fur tinal her bre Dr. Sh a larg in the Furma ts are n “ju years ago sse eve e ul. ah of new chapte t of patien ple thought was ss, turned or 3 wi ast cancer was told tha Mean rything go d with how “I was alread st short of ’s treatmuch and thankf the pill two now show wa 20 percen what her fighting optimistic alive today nodes. th cancer in s a Stage t searched while, Dr. t done.” with the Tri cerous ma Dr. Sh y very configenius.” success to Shah dis and her scans 2 the when endless Sh some ah wa dent in diagnosed eptor; if the can to be dead tissue. nary tho “I am I emission and lymph both cancer best treatmah ressar, cusse rem rec ter,” she heard that, s doing, bu spirit Shah s. Na complete to Dr. Ka ing the ughts with d his prelim K ssar, Negative referred me I felt eve e, the out e. He also t Dr. Ka was sai ncy saient for i- in breast her on is positiv ive “Dr. Kassar ns l of hop the high thanks ce of God, the n bet“I do d. ording to ly cured. d Dr. her cas particular wel geo can acc Th tre sur n’t cer receptor e atgra ly city; the have ical intereste that the ed som e, as he ha Nancy diagnosis . less aggress ,” to excellent tinuously prayer, and care I’m to go int believves west she is bas ple Negat ga ive cancer is cers oc eone with d never tre d west On o the like a and her fam overwhelm getting of North ed power of g support was con be targeted at- she the colog t cu ed l quality “Stage 4 Tri r typically aliz azin and may r explained. and o Neel nightm whirlwind; ily. “Life wa indepen rring conc se tw added. y is saving at Norththroughou can-Shah nce de it’s urr Dr. ogy’s person DNA my am my devoted contact “Dr. combina my University Rush Oncolo Her hu are come tru your wo s exp Breast Ca erience,ntly. “In my ently , yet T s,” said ive, in : Dr. Kassa tw to two tion of Shah is a life,” ure ing a Raza gat rst tem EN ced ily, sba Sani lud Ne hin 10 co e,” sys Dr. I’v pro inc wit can fam mp nd an years of EM rsity ple good she sai e lea gested co assion cer an ing ting caree, TIS recurs et the ed Dr. d.westerrn Unive sheFulle “With Tri hen I was ded d every rned that . You nfidence an r d daughte North band, lov VER and trea obtai s,” add ion fro ara every doctor.” AD need tha specific targ r sug ent, an d pe rman. “W l for the n Dr. Barb ole hus ce family, friends and mapping m arsity three year cause of the PAID t in a there is no which makes Fu Chica a second op - case,” hed Nancy’s rson is differ “Beca perha Rush Unive ,” r, Rush University t as a wh go a very use ps incologyKassa the hospita shared , no dent the patien also played offi rthwest On Kassar. “Be e able to uniqu therapy, we Nancy ha she saw see a fem physician an PC, Presi Nancy ted. Dr. Mohamad to pursue much bigger in y, we e mo Oncology, , wer ale do d a Northwest “By re pro ’re making s targeted Unive a breast on mastectom relief that the ctor, so ing to Dr took an im indiividual in Furman’s No drug, we cancer head Furman. gre treatment rsity of co mo media . said and story, part the te lik- unlimited,” ss. Her pro re and joy Chica logist at the with her Shah and ed t Th big ck ge.” my my tha a troy e atta llen go tru bre noted care. gnosis is cha ste M ment know ast on ring Shah’s obtained Dr. nt had des hope is June 4, She starte d him co young and colog edicine. lts. “We is sha esults resu on.” im nti healthy,Shah. “She d Furman at treatme or.” sending with it. treatment pla ist review includ l continue diagnosis se ed for munotherap ing tar treat- tiallyy nued treatm opinion and tum tmen py t to tho for I’m Furman wiln for need to Nancy was n and agree a cancer one has yea the bre the liver, Barr t, y, NP with a second pital the y br ast y every three geted and hard ir and suppor h breast tion or atio rene po ah t Nazashe “I’m go rsAmie cancer sity hos ment. travel to Ch told she did d therapy week To address in thought Oliveead shocking the medic of her.” tenthen n’t co It every ica ing to that a univer ero, NPs tain d ch gnosed wit t and the North could be ad go for tre r, and lon an tw weaanMarr ssar aga em rsity o- Na a positive fight and Chicago west d lungs. oMari the patien doctors are dia cer.” ekes Unive minister atmore yea a Dr. Ka e the box” and s Dr. Purdu mainnc in for see Ind mo Th , y. att NP r , re ian the She ed Dr ou can itude,” d Vega conv a, wh . Shah in tsid ily. Ou having formation gressi gh her Reb famil ients will stop. nthly ichekah rsity sai po recommende motherapy “ou for local radiation Nancy enient. e Unive l as he For morein gyindiana. Purduwa to see pat s tolera ve, Dr. Sh treatment is and alt a strong supints out thad return che ed ael oTallarico ah sai new aavailable ernati agKassar mo health. “He “Radio t ting Dr. Michwh ed po ordgo palliative ich Chica could optrapy. t nwoncolo 219 hours of a -924her terofmine ered a PE to Dr. Shah that the it well. Sh d Nancy is by science ve treatmen rt system University wh r visi or r Sidani go within 24 e me call T scan contribu monitors aged ts back e the , caring progn lation was Dr. Ame plan, Dr. Kassa cer els whether the in Chica osi , comp ntioned ed to de- nurses in comUniversity to be eng of Illinois vival and eas e Frequency Ab a probe ewhere so im s. “A posit te to patients the re wa diagnosis,” ass we continues as I live each spots prolong sur but ive mi ’ rtant, which not cur on her in her body. s can- ha ll as the upinfusion roo ionate the po 8178. e in e nd cas d, . ss an er. ms set gy do use my an th ve ma o lun d m, ng said ev beat atm in “I saw ctor,” d I r col it be is made bei the gs an asan sym s. pto . Dr. Kassa rheth it easierclo west On osp rted into d with se Nancy he said.ur. gins with nkful for right se . breast was concern d her colon severe. rth ngedase inse fect adise tha No eis ea re, is for ef stat day l feelsho , Ce ch large in 24 e her to dis rowave a new th ients wil h the said Drcancer had ed that the ble Sinnter sid avthe e sup per-with teapat metas ncer tum ce June, this tha and is mic als to burn just opened cer center ful her hu port sys ssed by he h not blessed wit stood by my ed en a d t it we co . Shahsiv tasized,” PEbe tem or shr or two . “He Ca sign can out nger T scase o en harm gics nduc ink wi and fri sband, daug , includingr reh ns sho tem treay lione radiation agll ted a owever, wh colon doctor wh ver gave up,” of-the-art homeopathic lo ve vive onl e, an the Biolo ink absur beon ini of en r, hte Comp osc enop he said. biopsy no le to h e “ n nd th ts fe. type signifi the breast d as of Se w daily. Sh ds who sho r, family, coan had tw opy, we e the spot,” tha ien this to provid ab wit can side and nev . li p- kin d a e is als d Se we cer is yea w her found antime, a ti e car re y re rsd pat so an cancer cally ina t change. cancer had of y. rs grativ d o and ult mo way ns can We a amo rap In the me DNA of s: bre that she ever n the colon a Dr. and comp grateful for love Co ctive or It is me and inte ients. Furman said credits the ality cance rne w to pat ast “N ith wide mall Lung can che u y d ass Ne . Sh tab tas u an the the w q cer can ion el ah cer ess ize oli cy’s 4 n tha en ate d cer an yo iv nce r, -s an od rm look at ge retu She also Northwest nurse for can tified cancer to her lun t had metas remission almost in tially gone. cology staff. d the North care of nce s natio non ncer sente effect a goFu cer cells Sta s that and they can ca gs. cer ,” wa west On cancer tre ca an’s “I ste at rn se r, se re f comp re with g have p in thi on f and the s at least The breast may need said Dr. “A Furm eassa e - is cu atmen s o ew ca nt a se of ushin mo to tu Ka Dr. s journe not taken dis Shah. lete said. a mutati T staf ogy for the high Stage colon to gl thofe her t to d ha goa be be (p very longer e try ronic in form 00 n perce 1 cau eale “S ve 2 cancer cause y alone, one Dr tting-edge side effects. PE rt kag Oncol a rev it had . Sh for loc was Sta or 3 not ancured, which colon surgerhe agreed the is sta uld be o. Th ch men , North ” she ple 0 EN. A w, w 60,0 PT spr t rin Th of wo tra ge op ed we n y ead No more h.” tmeknt ing cology, ah said of No al practicesis and I’m peo ut 2 r; 8 the N nd wo 2) and e said s sh dit 4 We tio st On opened .” s mo it call or after it co , h nity into . try to n with Stage ionally is st yea It is en a ,b wtrea r casaid wee tumKa gnifi I was ved quickly. de ssa most cli which also rthwest On , “After not proud of u No arch center a state-of- logy recen ve . Mo tence of sixe. Dr. diagnose ed ths si le si it,” she - I ad experien nical tri “Righ we’re honethink outside 4 cancer. conduc tly the-ar cell in m cer to t rese comm lung can li hin cur provid n ow ab sen t cin an t n sai ts proves to be y g lo o c n O Northwest e for attorney with at trusty advoc lymphona in’s non-Hodgk than Cancer. Northw e battle c st Oncology h e ancers on 2 fro lps patient nts e se To Hom lo C e in ic Med Academic , ient t a gy p p o l o nc cs kee O t i wes biolog at bay h t r g, No cer For testin ng can DNA e 4 lu Stag ncolog y! e fielld of o th in s r e d a Le cer. th so l o Wit en sh tice can death Rob gh to dea st can Recen edica y of ar K e m no a h ou est brea ng ive. the m biolog efore. my drugs, thre h no assar. r. Kass as Lu f it as ennet e en rthw b in ress wit r. K n, D rw No agg helped the k o ld K unat D ever ceived uldn’t and kage nce “In sca re nd than thin ear-o s fort nks to o wo rin added PET the ca said. ad Ken has sta t a r a y firs ht I had tw ll sh cts, iven s of under bette 63-y ell w e, th . ke Ken Ih r g er li t fe s I g ce ev r ev I h o w u “ ha yer pri all ke ef “At nder or cance hen Lo oug t tum tho Ken. oked ay,” sm a re y in D ck that e wo doct o “W s, I it lo ng aw gist th rges ue to g id e get om to sm a ’t lu ut th d th colo said melti diolo the la was d ” sa d fr at nosi On wasn ck, b e an him. amad diag year, o die I used ed it e ra mov It rk just a t his ut h ine ba a wh lus, wo .” ic fact, th to re ng, b fe Mo ited last ers P edic to trea d li ce et rs ed n m r. y lu a th is sin his ern iev yea r gen per st July bro cance day rger right ” Dr. en v how 43 d s ach take fo pro su r o in g s ju s. th ew y m a K t m n n ic he’ your Ken e lun ack nt fo gis utu lity at mo has nue to He ok in m iolog pla r sent e th wh ncolo id th me, of faci nd sp e. ti of the b teen a p ical you l.” O e ng Ken l con lifetim ff at min ssa t care gh a a r sa erfu curi ke on with is,” il Six s, art Ten chem r. Ka deter st w is ches ssa rgent ad cou si e h e od it d li ond es “ a a D th K l u to an the id. blo gno of sician for is w Besid son; ds tim it like ar is ab sa scribed dia ission ion red by ith a scan lts y “ ing t. s er d en ss h so en su e ll loca with . p st n h p at sp Ka e 7 na, e re n e te re nia a id te tmen ’s w ed,” h e pre extract rem medic onito gy, w a PET dia avel,” a nic s. He nd h k Dr. d.” isit 201 uctio on th t ca lo nd ea hat av e m k o sa rt h e In tr o rl a co a r. m d ” in th tr w lo die D ce sely On ks a uld “T y st est wo n, v ll pro Based urgen pneu iotic, not id ry bud e offi . “I th the wo oday, g hw ave to and that is clo west ee ca io b e e “ sa rt lo w id s t ti sy at o w in a d th T N n’t h , w ou an ns six rth e rm ths. iop or of,” e histo cy in th d Ken t guy onco ago, apy. in ay, it an er, h No every mon e b utatio Then es rd ic ab Dr. t n info om rs te re th o es th er X-r ght en at o ta ea d e en ea ev . at ore n m row y K w nh u oth m d ca nt that test thre om pec ow k at ecst l for gre na.c y tho ribed r. “H lief.” Ken is u u loo fe ex s fro 6 an patie eon chem NA fr driver to g tack the or m india i are ankfu sc 1 ever This at D yo the li onth F r ick surg -op gy the id. est pre Kassa any re 017, “ the certain cance py to m gics, d V are th “If hw a ic re 2 r, sa colo 178. 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