Details for November Coupon Book

Sc O n l i Av hed ne ail ulin ab g le! Awesome Power of 2 ROOMS CLEANED UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL CODE: CB1118 Includes Sofa, Loveseat & Chair 78 $188 $ AmAzing POWERFUL SOLUTiOnS Expires: 1/15/19 FAST ONE HOUR DRY TIME Safe For Children & Pets Revolutionary DEEP CLEANING technology that SCRUBS your carpet clean Pet Odor & Stain Removal Experts 219-513-9493 Visit our NATIONAL WEBSITE Today! ONCE AGAIN WHOLE HOUSE CARPET CLEANING 188 $ Includes Odor Destroyer CODE: CB1118 Expires: 1/15/19 Area rugs and mattresses cleaning available Our method extends the life of your carpet appearance and protect your health, removes dust mites and allergens Wh are saat our cus ying o tomers Includes 5 Rooms f our qualit CODE: CB1018 y Cook, Serving Lake, Expires: 1/15/19 ter County’ County’s and Porter 4.9 s tars Amazing Cleaning Power of OXI! Anybody then US! You’ll be wasting your money.

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