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Who We Are

NorthShore Health Centers is a non-profit
Federally Qualified Health Center dedicated
to providing quality, affordable healthcare
to everyone including the uninsured and
underinsured in Porter and Lake Counties.
At NorthShore, we are dedicated to providing
accessible and continuous healthcare and a
medical/dental home for every family regardless
of ability to pay. We emphasize illness prevention
and education to help our patients achieve their
potential and improve their lives.

Our mission is to ensure that each individual has
a medical home and access to the highest quality
healthcare, regardless of sex, age, race, social or
cultural standing and/or ability to pay.

Our Services
Our dedicated and patient-focused medical staff
provides a wide-range of health care services for
acute and chronic conditions:
❖ Pediatrics
❖ Family Practice

Urgent Care
Dental Care
Vision Center
Behavioral Health
3D/4D Ultrasound
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Bone Density (Osteoporosis)Screenings
Diagnostic X-Ray
Full Laboratory Services
340B Pharmacy (Discounted medications
available to our patients)

Who We Service
NorthShore Health Centers offer services to
individuals of all ages in these primary categories:
• Medicaid and Hoosier Healthwise recipients
who request to see our Medicaid-approved
physicians as their primary health care
• Medicare recipients, with sliding fees for copays.
• Privately insured individuals who choose
NorthShore Health Centers as their healthcare
provider and medical home.
• Uninsured individuals using self-pay options.
Self-pay charges for healthcare are determined
on a sliding scale based on income and will
require a minimum charge per visit.

Additional Services
Insurance Assistance
Certified Navigators are available at each location
to educate and assist uninsured patients with
enrolling in an insurance plan including Medicaid
and Medicare. Enrollment services are available
Monday through Friday on both an appointment
and walk-in basis including bilingual employees
to assist Spanish speaking patients
Prenatal/Family Care Services
NorthShore also takes patient care one step

farther by offering a free Prenatal/Family
Care program which allows pregnant women
and families monthly interactions with our
coordinators in order to receive additional
support and resources throughout their pregnancy
and up to baby’s first two years. Services include:
• Pregnancy Test Verification
• Breast Pump Assistance
• Car Seat Education, Inspection, and
• Lactation Consultations
• Non-Stress Test for High Risk Pregnant
• Pack-N-Play Assistance
• Perinatal Loss Program
• “NWI Family Support” Facebook Page.
Patient Care Coordination
NorthShore also has Patient Care Coordinators
who assist patients with chronic needs such as
diabetes and high blood pressure by establishing
healthcare goals and creating action plans to
achieve them. They also assist with social issues
such as homelessness and other obstacles which
hinder patients from achieving optimal health.
Services include:
• One-on-one consults about diabetes from a
diabetic paraprofessional
• Nutrition health information for chronic
• Case management services
Free Health and Education Classes
NorthShore offers a variety of health and
education classes to assist our patients in
achieving optimal health. Our list of classes
• Breastfeeding Classes
• Baby Basics Classes
• Big Brother/Big Sister Sibling Classes
• Family Food Fun Story Time
• Diabetic Education Group
• Nutrition and Health Classes


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